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Tygron Engine - GPU Supercomputer

  • Today most of the World’s Super Computers are based on GPU Technology, that allow massive parallel processing of data.
  • Multiple Tygron Simulation models especially designed and optimized for our own GPU Supercomputer with 100.000+ cores.
  • The integrated rasterizer converts large amounts of Spatial vector data on-the-fly into rasters and allows parallel query execution afterwards.
  • These combined hardware and software developments allow us to calculate entire regions at very high detail and up-to grid cells.


The Tygron Engine includes a hydraulic model that solves the shallow-water equations, integrates groundwater, breaches, structures all on multiple connected GPUs. It has been validated and contains several functionalities:


Other simulations models related to the environment are:



You can also create your own custom simulation or use them to pre/post process from other simulations.

Many More

Several other supported simulations included are:


API Triggers

You can also add API triggers that connect to your own calculation models via Web calls during the Simulation.

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