Tygron Platform in Education 

The Tygron Platform responds to the needs within educational institutions for hands-on, technologically advanced tools for modern spatial planning and analysis. This platform enables institutions to prepare students for complex societal challenges with hands-on experience and interdisciplinary collaboration. 

Key Benefits: 

  • Practice-Oriented Learning: Students work with real-time data and Digital Twins, learn to integrate GIS data, and analyze the impact of development plans. 
  • Interdisciplinary Approach: Promotes collaboration across various disciplines, essential for solving complex problems and enhancing teamwork and communication skills. 
  • Future-Oriented Preparation: Prepares students for data-driven decision-making and the use of complex simulation software, skills crucial in many geo-related professions. 
  • User-Friendly Tools: Offers an intuitive interface with powerful visualization and analysis capabilities that both enhance learning and engage students. 
  • Seamless Integration: Supports integration with existing educational models and provides ongoing updates and technical support. 

Programs that Benefit from the Tygron Platform: 

  • Urban and Regional Planning: For analyzing urban development and spatial planning. 
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS): Essential for students working with spatial data. 
  • Water Management: Supports the analysis of water-related issues such as flood risks. 
  • Landscape Architecture: Provides tools for designing and visualizing landscape projects. 
  • Public Administration and Policy Studies: For evaluating policy impact and urban development strategies.

Since its inception in 2005, Tygron has always placed a strong emphasis on collaboration with education. General Director Florian Witsenburg highlights the importance of learning to handle technology early on. “The way of working in governments and companies is mainly focused on departments. We see that a new generation of professionals is needed to make these different islands within organizations work integrally. That is why it is so important for us to work together with education to ensure that the professionals of the future are trained in the technology of the future.” 

Incorporating the Tygron Platform into the curriculum creates a dynamic learning environment where theory and practice converge, preparing students for future challenges with relevant knowledge and skills. 

“As a program, we want to keep innovating to prepare our students for the future. We see that Tygron is increasingly being applied in the geo-field, hence it is a logical choice.”


Erik Dietvorst

Senior Lecturer in Applied Geo-Information Science at HAS Green Academy

“The Tygron Platform offers the ability to calculate various scenarios and view the outcomes through the lens of different stakeholders. This opens the eyes of students who are still exploring these perspectives.”


Maurits Dorlandt

Lecturer in Applied Geo-Information Science

“The powerful and visual calculations of the Tygron Platform enable me to educate students on the impact of climate change and adaptation measures.”


Andy Bruijns

Rotterdam University of applied Sciences

Edu Free

The Edu Free license is intended for students or researchers who want to work with the Tygron Platform on a smaller scale. This license provides access to all the functionalities that professionals have but is limited in terms of the size of projects that students can create.

This makes the Edu Free highly suitable for projects at the neighborhood level in cities.

*Conditions apply

Edu Pro

The Edu Pro license is intended for students and researchers who want to work with the Tygron Platform on a large scale. It offers access to all the functionalities that professionals have and allows for the creation of much larger areas to a reduced price.

This makes the Edu Pro extremely suitable for working at the city and regional level, as well as for analyzing water systems and rural areas.

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