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While digital twin technology is often used to create detailed digital replicas of physical environments, the Tygron Platform goes beyond this by providing a comprehensive set of tools and features for evaluating the impact of development projects on the surrounding area, climate resiliency, and environment, and for making informed decisions that promote sustainability and the well-being of the local community.

The Tygron Platform is specifically designed for sustainable urban planning, with features such as environmental and climate impact assessments, traffic analysis, and scenario analysis to help stakeholders evaluate the potential impact of development projects on the local environment and infrastructure.

However, the Tygron Platform can easily be integrated in your own Digital Twin strategy. The platform's use of open geo-standards (e.g WFS, WMS, GeoTIFF, GeoJSON, I3S, SLPK,CityGML, .dxf) ensures that data can be shared across different systems and platforms, without the need for complex data conversions or custom integrations.

Automating the Tygron Platform in your own digital twin strategy can be done through the use of the platform's open Application Programming Interface (API). The API provides developers with a set of tools and resources to build custom applications and integrate the platform with other systems.

For example, you could use the Tygron API to automatically import data from external sources into the platform, or to run simulations on a regular schedule and generate reports automatically. You could also use the API to integrate the Tygron Platform with other systems in your digital twin strategy, such as sensors or data analytics tools.

To get started with automating the Tygron Platform using the API, you can consult the Software Development Kit (SDK), which provides documentation, code examples, and other resources to help you build custom applications and integrate the platform with other systems.

Digital Twin Deventer by TAUW

Several partners involved with ‘De Kien’ in Deventer are working on Digital Twin applications. ‘De Kien’ is the name of a development…

Modelling the flying routes of bats in a Digital Twin

The City of Rotterdam faces a huge challenge. Many new homes need to be built. The city must remain accessible,…

Digital_Twin_Utrecht (Demo)
Ecosysteem Digital Twin: Een customer journey voor Provincie Utrecht

Student Nick Wolfert van de Hogeschool Utrecht heeft voor de provincie Utrecht onderzoek gedaan naar de vertaalslag van digitale methoden…

3D_stadsmodel_dh_klein_feature (Demo) (Demo)
Inladen van 3D modellen in het Tygron Platform

Het Tygron Platform genereert door het combineren van open data automatisch een 3D wereld. De gebouwen in de 3D wereld…

Hyper-resolution Flooding of the Bommelerwaard

Last year Tygron breached the 1 billion grid cells threshold. Today we are using this Massively parallel GPU technology (100.000…

aerius_overlay_feature (Demo) (Demo)
Stikstofdepositie in kaart in het Tygron Platform

Stikstof en daarmee de PAS (Programma Aanpak Stikstof) is volop in het nieuws. Ondanks dat de PAS niet meer geldig…

amersfoort_digital_twin_featured (Demo) (Demo)
Klimaat adaptief ontwerpen van het Stationsgebied van Amersfoort; Hoe een Digital Twin kan helpen.

Het wordt steeds warmer en droger. Buien worden korter en heftiger. Het is voor de gemeente Amersfoort reden om goed…

river_game (Demo) (Demo)
De Virtual River Game maakt complexe modellen inzichtelijk voor alle stakeholders

Onderzoeker Robert-Jan den Haan van Universiteit Twente ontwikkelde de Virtual River Game, een fysiek spelbord om modellen en het Tygron Geodesign platform aan te sturen.

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