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The Tygron Platform can help engineers to assess the potential impacts of climate change on their cities, including extreme rainfall, drought, and heat stress. This can help to optimize limited resources and ensure that solutions are sustainable and effective over the long term.

The Tygron Platform provides a range of features and tools to support climate-resilient planning. Some of the key ways that the platform supports climate resiliency include:

  1. Water system analysis. modeling the movement of water through the system and test different scenario’s. Explore water management strategies, including water storage and distribution infrastructure to ensure that water is available during periods of drought.
  2. Extreme Rainfall: Gain insight in insights in the performance of the water system under extreme rainfall conditions, includes the intensity, duration, and frequency of the rainfall.
  3. Heat stress: Simulate the physiological equivalent temperature (PET) and the effects of reflective surfaces, green roofs, and trees to provide shade.
  4. Design and simulate climate resilient cities and sustainable urban drainage systems that can absorb and manage heavy rainfall events. This can include green infrastructure, such as parks, green roofs, and rain gardens, as well as hard infrastructure, such as stormwater detention basins and permeable pavements.
  5. Drought: Cities can promote climate resilience by implementing water conservation strategies, such as promoting water-efficient appliances, drought-tolerant landscaping, and water reuse systems.
Engineering office Amsterdam working on heat stress simulations

Climate experts Marijke Clarisse, Ruben Gauw, Hester Wilderburg, Frans Wijkhuizen and Govert ter Mos from the municipal engineering firm Ingenieursbureau…

City of Amsterdam subjects Tygron Platform to rigorous security demands

Municipal engineering firm Ingenieursbureau Amsterdam (IB Amsterdam) recently started working with the Tygron Platform. Floris Harten, Consultant Climate Adaptation and…

Three measures to contain rain water at National Park the Veluwe

Thijs Visser, Hydrologist at Aveco de Bondt was interviewed by the Dutch magazine H2O. He explains how, commissioned by water organization Vallei…

Aveco_heat_overlay (Demo)
Aveco de Bondt brengt klimaatgevoelige locaties voor Roosendaal in beeld

Tygron partner Aveco de Bondt helpt gemeenten bij een klimaatbestendige inrichting van de openbare ruimte. Voor de gemeente Roosendaal heeft…

Het-centrale-plein-de-Oliemolenhof_feature (Demo)
Klimaatrobuuste ontwikkeling van de Nieuwe Stad door Buro Boot

Adviseurs van Boot zijn al sinds een vroeg stadium betrokken bij de planvorming van De Nieuwe Stad, langs de Eem…

van_hall_larenstein (Demo) (Demo)
Verduurzaming en vergroening in Lelystad.

Hoe bouw je een milieuvriendelijke wijk waar bewoners met trots en blijdschap nu en in de toekomst kunnen wonen? En…

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