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The Tygron Platform includes a hydraulic model that solves the shallow-water equations, the Tygron Water Module. The Tygron Water Module makes use of GPU Supercomputing, enabling engineers and researchers to explore more design options and simulate more complex flows.

There are several advantages of using the Tygron Water Module, including:

  1. Real-time Flood simulation: quickly and easily test different solutions to problems and see the results immediately.
  2. Risk assessment: The Tygron platform can be used to assess and analyze the risks associated with water management and safety, and to develop risk management strategies.
  3. Integration of different data sources: The Tygron platform integrates different data sources, including GIS data and other relevant datasets, to provide a comprehensive view of the water management and safety situation.
  4. Collaboration: The Tygron platform allows for collaboration between different stakeholders, such as water management professionals, policy makers, and citizens, to work together to identify solutions to water-related problems.
  5. Visualization: The Tygron platform provides a 3D visualization of water-related scenarios, making it easier for users to understand the potential impacts of different decisions and solutions.
Standardizing flood defenses using a supercomputer

The Vechtstromen water organisation was faced with the task of standardizing its flood defenses. In total, the water organisation has…

Keringen normeren met behulp van een supercomputer

Waterschap Vechtstromen stond voor de opgave haar keringen te normeren. In totaal heeft het waterschap 400km aan keringen. De belangrijkste…

Hydrodynamic Model Khakovka dam breach

The hours and days after the catastrophic Kakhovka dam break we have been working intensively with Arcadis to build a…

floodplain3 (Demo)
Webinar bres en bresgroei in Tygron

Op 4 oktober 2022 vond de webinar over bres en bresgroei in Tygron plaats. In aanwezigheid van ongeveer 30 deelnemers…

randstad-feature (Demo) (Demo)
Tygron Supercomputer hits new record:!

by Maxim Knepfle, CTO Tygron Not so long a ago I wrote a blog about the one billion grid cells…

reeuwijk-Overstroming-2021-11-16 (Demo) (Demo)
Handelingsperspectief bij falende keringen: voorbeelden uit de praktijk

Laat in de avond van zondag 25 juli verschuift een deel van een polderkering die rond de diepgelegen Tempelpolder ligt….

Validatie Watermodule Tygron op basis van dijkdoorbraak Reeuwijk

Tygron ontwikkelt het Tygron Geodesign Platform samen met en voor haar gebruikers. Samen met Tygron-gebruikers wordt bepaald wat er wordt…

Flash floods in River Catchments

Two weeks ago heavy rainfall resulted in floodings in south/east of the Netherlands. Although the main river Maas did have…

3dflood-fast (Demo) (Demo)
Quick Flood Risk Assessment

Last month I discussed how the Tygron GPU Supercomputer can be used for a hyper-resolution flooding at maximum detail. However,…

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