At Tygron, we recognize that as a GIS – professional you need full control of your spatial data and GIS analyses.

To support his goal, we have developed the Tygron Platform, allowing GIS professionals to integrate diverse datasets and enables spatial data analysis. 

GIS experts face challenges in integrating data with other systems and concerns about lacking standardized practices, hindering seamless collaboration. 

The Tygron Plan

1. Book a Meeting

Align your organization around data and simulations. Explore the possibilities with our assistance.

2. Workshop with Demo

Create a foundational strategy aligned with your organization mission and workflows. We can assist you with a structured workshop.

3. Implementation Plan

Unlock the potential of your data and simulations independently, focusing on scalability, interoperability, management, and maintenance.

Be in full control

With supporting over 100 organizations in 20 countries with 30,000 projects, Tygron assists in seamlessly integrating diverse spatial datasets and establishing a versatile environment within your organization to efficiently streamline and automate geospatial processes. This ensures a smooth and seamless integration and analysis experience within the GIS framework 

This way, you can efficiently integrate diverse datasets, centralize GIS data, and collaborate across fields for holistic spatial problem-solving. GIS data and data integration become key enablers in your organization, fostering collaboration among experts in urban planning, environmental science, and hydrology and promoting a holistic and integrated approach to spatial problem-solving. 

Feeding the Beast

by Maxim Knepfle, CTO Tygron At the NVIDIA GTC Conference I visited several presentations that touched on a very interesting subject: The need to see the GPU as a throughput

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