Tygron Platform

The Tygron Platform empowers engineers, planners, and governments to make informed decisions on complex spatial issues, such as flooding, housing, infrastructure, and nature. The Platform provides users the right tools to simulate various future scenarios and test the potential impact of different development options before implementing them in the real world.

The Tygron Platform is a widely adopted tool for consultants, governments, and project developers seeking to make data-driven decisions that prioritize the long-term benefits of society and the environment. With its scalability, reliability, and cost-effectiveness, the Tygron Platform offers a practical solution for organizations looking to concentrate on urban planning and environmental analysis without the burden of managing and maintaining their infrastructure.

Tygron History

In 2005, a group of computer science students from Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands were passionate about creating software that could simulate complex systems, such as urban planning and environmental management. They believed that by using technology to model these systems, they could help decision-makers make more informed and sustainable choices. The team began developing the software that would become the Tygron Platform. They worked tirelessly to create a tool that could simulate and visualize urban planning scenarios, including factors like housing, traffic, economy, nature, land use, and climate change.

At the outset, Tygron relied on their proprietary software tool as consultants. However, as they shifted their focus to creating a fully operational and scalable SaaS solution, the Tygron Platform became an essential tool for engineers, governments and project developers to visualize and explore different scenarios, to collaborate effectively, and make informed and sustainable decisions related to urban planning. Consequently, the founders decided to discontinue their consulting services.

Since 2014, the founders have invested heavily in developing the platform further, making it accessible to others for processing large amounts of spatial data, complex analytics, and simulations. They have also improved usability, documentation, and tutorials, offering free licenses for educational institutions. The platform is open and interoperable and has an open API, allowing users to import and export data using open standards, and integrate it with other applications. The Tygron Platform is a Software as a Service (SaaS). 

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