The Technological Backbone of the Tygron Platform: GPU Power, Interoperability, and GIS-Based Modeling

At Tygron, we understand that as an engineer, you aim to stay at the forefront of technological innovation, seeking robust solutions tailored to meet the demanding needs of modern engineering projects. Traditional engineering simulation processes can be slow, repetitive, and often limited to a single discipline, making them insufficient to address the complexity and scale of urban planning and environmental simulations. 

That’s why we created the Tygron Platform. We believe that by accelerating your data processing and simulations, you can achieve greater efficiency and effectiveness in your engineering practice. Here are the three main technological drivers behind the Tygron Platform that are transforming engineering workflows. 

1. Unmatched Computational Power with GPU-Driven Simulations

Harness the power of advanced NVIDIA hardware with the Tygron Platform’s cloud-based GPU supercomputer. This leap in computational capability allows you to:

  • Run Multiple Complex Simulations Simultaneously: Execute various intricate simulations simultaneously without compromising on speed or detail, enabling comprehensive analysis in a fraction of the time traditionally required.
  • Integrate Simulations: Simultaneously address climate-related issues (heat stress, flooding, drought) and urban planning concerns (liveability, connectivity, mobility, floor space index) within a single project.
  • Low-Code, High-Performance: Experience high-performance computing, AI, and digital twins without the need for extensive coding, making advanced simulations accessible and efficient.

2. Seamless Interoperability with Open Standards

The Tygron Platform champions interoperability and open standards, revolutionizing how engineers collaborate and innovate:

  • SDKs and APIs: Utilize standardized tools and protocols to integrate and extend functionalities, ensuring consistent and efficient communication between diverse software applications.
  • Compatibility with Default Software: Continue using your preferred tools like QGIS, Esri for GIS data, and AutoCAD for urban design. Easily import and recalculate the effects of redesigns or updated data layers on the entire city.
  • Versatile Result Presentation: Present results in various formats such as interactive dashboards, Unity, Unreal Engine, Esri products, and other visualization tools, providing flexibility in how you showcase your findings.

3. GIS-Based Modeling for Rapid Digital Twin Creation

Building your digital twin has never been easier or faster with the Tygron Platform:

  • Instant Project Creation: Create a comprehensive digital twin in minutes, leveraging default connections to GIS sources like Esri World Maps and OSM.
  • Custom Data Integration: Seamlessly add your own data via Geo-plugins, ensuring your project is connected and integrated from the start.
  • Flexible Data Management: Update or replace data within your existing projects effortlessly, maintaining the accuracy and relevance of your simulations.


With the capacity to host over 30,000 projects simultaneously and a global user base spanning engineering consultants, municipalities, and universities in over 20 countries, the Tygron Platform is specifically designed for engineers in small to midsize organizations. Integrate, simulate, and present your data with unparalleled ease and precision.

How does it work?

  • Download our free trial
  • Start your own project
  • Integrate, simulate, and present your own data.

Embrace the future of urban planning and environmental simulations with the Tygron Platform where extreme computational power, seamless interoperability, and rapid digital twin creation converge to elevate your projects to new heights.

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