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All available data accessible in one location. You control who can access it.

  • Automatically process the available open data (GIS, laws and regulations).
  • Easily add your own data.
  • Combining and analyzing data in an intuitive way.
  • Through our API, the platform is in continuous contact with the most relevant geoservers such as PDOK, zoning plans and OSM.

High Performance Computing

High Performance Computing Infrastructure; GPU/CPU, multi-threaded, multi-core processors and extreme memory bandwidth.

  • Perform analysis at lightning speed and at an extremely high level of detail.
  • Calculate up to 4 billion grid cells on the underlying GPU supercomputer.
  • Runs up to 100,000 tasks in parallel.
  • Processing big data; information processing speed of 300GB/s.
  • Validated calculation models for noise, particulate matter, subsidencegroundwatersurface water and heat stress are available.
  • Combine with standard calculation modules via the API such as the Waterwijzer and Aerius Calculation Models.


Explore and experiment with different alternatives, and calculate the effects directly:

1. Visualize the current situation.

  • Query data layers.
  • Create performance indicators.
  • Perform spatial analysis connecting data layers.

2. Plan for the future, iterate and analyze.

  • Import plans via a wide set of (open) standards.
  • Experiment with scenarios.
  • The software calculates changes at lightning speed and visualizes them transparently.


The platform’s standard interface is based on 3D gaming technology. This gives the user standard access to a realistic 3D representation of reality. Plans, designs and simulation results are visualized in a full 3D environment.

Animations, screenshots and videos can easily be made from the 3D world. In addition, there is a broad set of options for processing data, indicators and measures for websites, dashboards and story maps on mobile devices.


Increase feasibility and support for your project by involving stakeholders in critical decisions;

  • Everyone has the same information, always and everywhere.
  • Continuous and transparent insight into progress.
  • Results can be viewed anywhere in clear 3D.
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