Educational organizations all over the world use Tygron in their curricula,
and to help students get ready for practice.
For instance in courses on water management, climate adaptation, geodata and more.

We support the implementation of the Tygron Platform at educational institutes by providing them with several tools free of charge. Lecturers, researchers and students can use these materials to design courses, learn or teach the use of the platform, ask questions and exchange expertise.


If you are a lecturer who wants to learn how to integrate the use of the Tygron Platform in your curriculum, you can make use of our EDU manual. The manual includes:

  • A guiding template to help you design a course using the Tygron platform
  • Existing educational use-cases of Tygron for 5 different learning objectives
  • Examples of course outcomes such as reports, pictures, StoryMaps and videos

Our team is always recording and uploading new video tutorials in Dutch and in English to help our users learn how to create and edit projects, and how to use different functions and templates within the Tygron Platform. Our videos range from basic skills tutorials to more advanced tutorials.


On the Tygron Platform Wiki you will find documentation related to the Tygron Platform, including technical set-ups, templates, demo projects, use-cases, calculation models, tutorials, explanation of the most used features and functions, and many other subjects.


We have created a number of demo projects to help you start learning the Tygron Platform. Instead of starting your own project, you can explore the platform by choose of one of our pre-existing demo projects such as Demo Breach, Demo Heat Stress, Demo Water, Demo Rainfall, Demo Windsolar Power and others.


Our team offers our users a quick response to any of their questions on our Tygron Forum. You can ask and discuss anything related to our platform, and help others by answering their questions as well.


Tygron holds regular events on several topics in collaboration with professional and educational users. Among our events, we hold regular EDU events where lecturers and students share how they use the Tygron Platform in their courses. Sign up to our upcoming events and stay in updated with our LinkedIn page.


The Tygron Geodesign Platform offers two different types of EDU licenses for educational institutes.

1. Free EDU license
2. Paid EDU license

In return, We ask users of the educational license to contribute to our EDU community by sharing their use-cases, asking questions on the Tygron Forum, writing a blog-post or providing feedback during events. Read more about the terms and conditions and fill in the form in this page to request an EDU license.


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