Webinar "Accelerate Your Engineering Simulations with the Tygron Platform." | July 11 2024 3.30 - 4.30 pm (CET)

Welcome to Tygron, your future partner in advanced simulation tools. Founded by Maxim Knepflé and Florian Witsenburg, we strive to create better tooling that enables engineers to integrate, simulate, and visualize data and computational models.

Cities are facing major challenges. Whether it’s housing construction, climate adaptation, or mobility, we see that processes are complex and there is often a lack of clear insight into possible solutions. Work is often done in silos; coherence is lacking.

At Tygron, we believe that providing a better and more integrated understanding of these problems and solutions, we can truly make a difference.

Our adventure began when Florian, an experienced hydrologist, and Maxim, an expert in AI and HPC, joined forces to meet the need for integration, accurate analysis, and visualization of geographic data. Together, they developed the Tygron Platform, which serves not only as a powerful tool for data analysis but also as a catalyst for change in the way we build our cities.

Hedi van Dijk, our operational director since 2017, has bridged the gap between traditional decision-making processes and today’s advanced digital tools. Her expertise has helped government agencies and engineers transition to a data-driven approach in urban development.

At Tygron, we believe in the power of collaboration. Our platform supports seamless integrations with existing software solutions and enables users to use their trusted tools within our ecosystem. This not only makes the design process faster but also more intuitive.

We are proud of our role in more than 30,000 projects worldwide, which attest to our commitment to improved simulation processes and transparent decision-making. Each project confirms our mission: to provide superior technology that respects the privacy and autonomy of data.

Discover how Tygron can make a difference in your projects. We invite you to explore the possibilities.

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The Tygron Academy offers a structured training package especially for hydrologists, with which you will learn to get started quickly and practically with the Water module of the Tygron Geodesign Platform. The Tygron Academy, like the Tygron Platform itself, is designed for and by users. Many hydrologists from water boards, consultants and educational institutions have already used this.

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