Unlocking the Power of High-Performance Computing for Complex Engineering Projects

Introduction to High-Performance Computing (HPC)

Engineers are dealing with large amounts of data to face the challenges of increasingly complex use-cases in built environments. There is a lot of information that can be derived from this data, and even more data to be obtained through calculations on an ever-broadening range of topics. At a certain point, these needs exceed the reasonable capacity of average workstations. This does not happen all at once but gradually, with increases in calculation time, growing dataset sizes, and always just a few more models to run to get all the required insights into the projects.

The Role of HPC in Modern Engineering

Tygron understands the challenges engineers face in managing large datasets and complex calculations. Advanced High-Performance Computing (HPC) solutions enable users to tackle these challenges more quickly and efficiently. HPC allows for parallel computations on a scale that exceeds the capabilities of traditional workstations. This not only speeds up the full workflow of processing data but also allows for the processing of even more data and models for many use-cases.

The Tygron Platform supercomputer infrastructure is available to all users of the platform, providing a quick and easy way to integrate HPC technology into your workflow. From the ground up, the Tygron Platform has been developed with speed and data scale in mind. HPC technology is an integral part of this. Both the built-in calculation models and the more generic building blocks for custom spatial calculations are designed to compute on a massive parallel scale.

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Economic and Operational Advantages

A significant advantage of using the Tygron Platform is the economic benefit. By sharing supercomputing resources, the Tygron Platform offers high-level computational power at a fraction of the cost. This shared infrastructure not only reduces individual costs but also minimizes idle time, making it an economical solution for engineering firms of all sizes. Because the supercomputer is managed by Tygron, many physical challenges are alleviated. Tygron has the hardware available and continuously works on its maintenance and improvements. This means the effort and investment in the physical aspects of the hardware are taken care of for you. And because the infrastructure is securely shared among all Tygron Platform users, the costs are broadly distributed. These costs are part of the offered licenses, making them clear and known beforehand. Even with many users, a load-balancing solution ensures that all organizations get their fair share of access.

What This Means for Your Projects

The functionality and infrastructure offered by the Tygron Platform provides many benefits of High-Performance Computing while significantly mitigating the downsides. This enables you to conduct in-depth analyses and better understand the interactions between various themes, sectors, and computational models. Whether it’s evaluating the impact of housing plans on flooding, heat stress, health, or nature restoration, the supercomputing capacity ensures that you have access to powerful calculations essential for comprehensive decision-making.


In short, the technology is now within reach for a much broader audience of engineers who may benefit from integrating HPC into their workflow. Do these challenges sound familiar to you? Are you curious about the options High-Performance Computing can offer to improve and scale up your workflow? Contact Tygron today to learn more about how HPC solutions can transform your engineering projects.

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