Tygron Platform

The Tygron Geodesign Platform offers a sophisticated High Performance Computing (HPC) solution to solve the biggest challenges engineers, governments, planners and designers are facing today.

It helps organisations to make fast and informed decisions, solving the world’s biggest challenges such as flooding, droughts, heatwaves, energy, housing development, infrastructure, livability and economy.

Powerful platform

Highly configurable software solution that combines Speed, Collaboration, and Control.

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Wide range of use cases

It helps engineers, governments, planners and designers to make fast and informed decisions.

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From data to value

Use the ever-increasing amount of data for solving the world’s biggest challenges.

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Flexible and scalable

Get started in only seconds and design, build, integrate, test, deploy and manage your Digital Twin.

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Integrate the platform in the workflow of your organization, by connecting it to your preferred software.

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Support and maintenance

Let Tygron manage your infrastructure, while you manage your environment and only pay for what you use.

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Powerful platform

Cloud Solution

Accessible and scalable platform designed to allow you to enter the world of HPC, Big Data, AI and Visualisations.

  • Software as a Service (SaaS).
  • 24/7 accessible since 2014. Anytime, anywhere.
  • Cost efficient; annual subscription fee, based on usage.

High Performance

High Performance Computing infrastructure; GPU/CPU, highly parallel, multithreaded, manycore processor and extreme memory bandwidth.

  • GPU Supercomputer; up to a 100.000 tasks in parallel.
  • Big Data processing; interconnecting highway capacity of 300 GB/s.
  • Extreme computational power via cloud based supercomputer.


Online community where users interact and share content and knowledge.

  • Content available via integrated Web store.
  • Share and reuse indicators, data visualizations and libraries.
  • Online community consisting of a Forum, Wiki, and Video Tutorials.

From data to value


Provides a set of validated engineering models in the fields of flooding, droughts, heatwaves, energy, infrastructure, livability and economy.

  • Range of integrated engineering models.
  • Optimised for HPC and GIS integration.
  • Combine engineering results with big data queries.


Create Performance Indicators, Maps and Visualization based on attribute, contours, calculation rules and legislation.

  • Create your own information; Query and combine datasets.
  • Create your own maps, based on attributes and rules.
  • Create and Add your own Key Performance Indicators.

Impact assessment

The user can upload designs, and instantaneously calculate the effects on a wide range of indicators.

  • Take action; enact large scenario’s or smaller changes.
  • Original state, projected results, and difference thereof.
  • Directly assess impact in your Digital Twin.


Industry standards

Import and export (real-time) data. Seamless interactions with GIS.

  • Import and export data (WFS, WMS, GeoTIFF, GeoJSON, I3S, SLPK).
  • Supports various industry standards (e.g. Esri, QGIS, BIM, Autodesk).
  • ESRI integration (Arcgis online, Arcgis Pro, ArcGIS enterprise, ArcGIS Desktop).

Integration and sharing

Use data, analysis and results for reports, storymaps and analysis in other software applications.

  • Create 2D viewers; supports HTML, CSS, Javascript and Esri Storymaps.
  • Export digital twin and create video and screenshots.
  • Import and export analytics in Excel.


Tygron Platform was developed in the age of Internet, where data is communicated over the Web using API endpoints.

  • Automate interactions, update live sensor data or add additional simulation models.
  • Supports modern web standard based on secure RESTful JSON endpoints.
  • JSON is supported by Javascript, Phyton, FME, and many more languages.

Wide range of use-cases

Improve decision making.

Explore various scenarios, such as a city plan, climate scenario’s for heavy rainfall or sea level rise.

  • Review plans throughout all the stages of the project.
  • Involve stakeholders in the decision-making process.
  • Instant gratification to experiment with design options.

Instant gratification

Directly explore the impact of plans, such as an urban plan, building, land use-change, infrastructure, levee-alignment.

  • Drag, drop and draw scenario’s and designs.
  • Experiment and assess various designs.
  • Direct feedback on performance indicators.

Save time and money.

Reduces time & money by providing a tool to involve all stakeholders in a mediation process and gain faster result.

  • 3D interface, inform stakeholders instantaneously.
  • HPC, direct insight in performance of scenario’s.
  • Automatically update websites and documents.

Flexible and Scalable

Easy access

The platform enables users to create their own new projects fast and easy, by combining open data with their own data.

  • Create your Digital Twin with our smart algorithms.
  • Harvest data, add data and analytics.
  • Templates; (re)use libraries, analytics and indicators.


Eliminate silos, reduce costs and overhead between involved disciplines and stakeholders.

  • Collaborate; Involve unlimited users, anywhere, anytime.
  • Complete overview. Upload and store unlimited data.
  • Transparency; share data and analysis with stakeholders.

Living document

Keep your data, analysis and visualization up to date throughout the different stages of the project.

  • Be in control. Create, store, manage projects and versions.
  • Safely add, store and replace data via open standards (such as wfs/wms).
  • Unlimited editing, updating and sharing of your project.

Support and maintenance


Since 2005 developed by Tygron . Since 2014 continuously online, 24/7.

  • Hosting > 10.000 projects in 15 countries.
  • A steady development cycle with annual releases.
  • Continuous support and maintenance.


The Tygron platform is continuously undergoing further development in consultation with the Community. Our focus is on:

  • Expanding processing power.
  • Development of functionalities and calculation models.
  • Processing user-feedback.

IP and Security

Your security and property is our primair concern.

  • Privacy by default.
  • Your data and algorithms will remain your property.
  • All data-exchange is secure and encrypted.
  • Read more on our information-security policy www.tygron.com/en/security/

A selection of Tygron Platform users