Tygron Platform

The Tygron Geodesign Platform provides an advanced HPC (High Performance Computing) solution to solve the biggest challenges facing engineers, governments, planners and designers today.

The Tygron Geodesign Platform offers the digital infrastructure to support challenges related to spatial planning. It combines (geo) data, models and applications and makes these transparent.

It helps organizations to make quick and informed decisions and solve the world’s biggest challenges, such as floods, droughts, heat waves, energy, housing, infrastructure, quality of life and the economy.

Easy access

The platform enables users to create their own new projects fast and easy, by combining open data with their own data.

  • Create your Digital Twin with our smart algorithms.
  • Harvest data, add data and analytics.
  • Templates; (re)use libraries, analytics and indicators.


Eliminate silos, reduce costs and overhead between involved disciplines and stakeholders.

  • Collaborate; Involve unlimited users, anywhere, anytime.
  • Complete overview. Upload and store unlimited data.
  • Transparency; share data and analysis with stakeholders.

Living document

Keep your data, analysis and visualization up to date throughout the different stages of the project.

  • Be in control. Create, store, manage projects and versions.
  • Safely add, store and replace data via open standards (such as wfs/wms).
  • Unlimited editing, updating and sharing of your project.

A selection of Tygron Platform users