Collaborate online instantly from anywhere across the world. Access information, alter existing and add new models in parallel with your team. Tygron’s large server capacity allows for a seamless collaboration at the push of a button.


Build your own urban planning project in a virtual 3D environment. Negotiate and explore different solutions for city design with stakeholders who can experiment and iterate their preferred solutions for instant gratification. The state-of-the-art 3D world provides direct visual feedback on all decisions, choices and scenarios.


Tygron Engine uses our parametrical modelling to generate a realistic 3D world based on different types of geo data. Our state of the art engine aggregates data into predefined shapes, patterns and profiles such as buildings, water and height maps.


Tygron Engine is based on online multi user technology. Multi user impact sessions allow users to interact with other individuals, whether in partnership, competition or rivalry and provide them with not only data but also social communication.


Using instant feedback, stakeholders can go through iterations and find consensus towards complex problems. Tygron Engine is a tool that streamlines the planning process and substantially reduces the time, costs and frustration involved in urban planning.


Visualize design challenges and outcomes in a real urban context and simultaneously assess the costs, benefits, causes and effects of the different alternatives. Export results and use it for other analytical purposes.


Online project management: Manage, save, share and compare different versions of your project.

Add new users with specific user rights at any point in the project.


Tygron greatly values privacy and security of your data. Data from your projects and domain are sent through secure connections and our clients have proprietary access to their domain. Tygron adheres to strict confidentiality rules and does not have access to any of our client’s projects. However, if required and permitted by our clients, our team can monitor projects to provide better customer support on technical and non-technical issues.