Tygron Engine Vector Release, New Website!

  • The new release of the Tygron Engine includes compatibility with ESRI- (GIS) data. When visualizing a project within the Editor, multiple map-layers can be imported, directly from the ESRI platform, from Dutch BAG and TOP10NL map data to the New York Pluto map data.
  • The Tygron Engine is now Vector Based, this allow for much more realistic 3D Worlds. Vector application means much smoother transitions for roads and buildings among others. Also a new heightmap has been included.
  • New features have been added, for example to change the colours of the buildings. This facilitates making the transformation from reality into the 3D World.

Tygron Software for Urban Planning

  • Tygron is an online 3D multi-user platform for urban communities.
  • Communities can generate and maintain their realistic multiplayer games to experiment, plan and negotiate better solutions for city designs and development projects.
  • Our tool streamlines the planning process, reduces litigation and sharply increases the return on investment for urban projects.

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  • Present your results visually.
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