• Examine 3D designs
  • Redesign surroundings
  • Coordinate with team and client
  • Direct feedback legal constraints
  • Instant gratification Charrette sessions
  • Living document for planning process
  • Communicate engineering studies in 3D
  • Involve client and stakeholders in project
  • API; Connect outside calculation models

Tygron Engine

  • Tygron Engine is online 3D project software for urban planners, architects and engineers: a tool that streamlines the planning process and substantially reduces the time and costs involved in urban projects.
  • Make calculations and drawings directly in the 3D world – immediate insight
  • Multi-user tool: work on designs together with clients, other team members and/or stakeholders
  • Online project management: manage, save, share and compare different versions of your projects
  • Project configuration is easy, even for non-programmers

Start your own project!

With the Tygron Engine you can create your own 3D project, easily and online.

  • Build your own urban planning project in a virtual 3D environment.
  • Negotiate and explore different solutions for city design with stakeholders.
  • Test measures and possible scenario’s on feasibility.
  • Present your results visually.
  • Start online immediately
  • Support and advice on the online Users Community and Wiki

Calculations and drawing in 3D

Easily configurable

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