Visually track flow direction

You can visually check the amount of water and flow direction per timeframe in hydrological constructions such as culverts. In this test case example you can see a weir in the middle of a waterway. The orange dot is an inlet which pumps water into the water. When after a while the inlet pumps water from the waterway, the flow direction in the weir changes. You can use this feature to monitor the flow direction in constructions.



Display the hazard and impact of (heavy) rainfall over a project area. Based on the elevation model, terrain roughness and representations of the sewer and water systems, several result types – such as the amount of water and the direction and speed of flow – can be generated.


Vulnerable buildings

Assess potential damage and vulnerable areas for different flooding scenarios. Gain insight in which buildings will flood, when, and with which impact.



The Water Module

The Water Module in the Tygron Platform enables users to simulate the movement of (liquid) water and its impact in a project area. The Water Module is primarily created for the analysis of spatial water problems in urban and rural areas. These include heavy rainfall scenarios, flooding and evacuation situations and groundwater and water management simulations.


Groundwater overlay

The Groundwater overlay in the Tygron Water Module performs highly detailed groundwater calculations, fully integrated with the water system. Use available data or add your own.