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The Tygron Platform has multiple ways to analyze, visualize  and query your project data. This can be done inside the Tygron Client  but also in others connected  apps.

Tygron 3D Client

Visualize output data in 3D, edit your project or manage permission in our complementary Tygron Client. This application supports all Tygron Engine API functionality.


Data Queries

You can export all data from the Tygron Engine (often many GB’s). But sometimes it makes more sence to ask intelligent queries, e.g. “average water level per neigboorhood on evacuation roads”.

Therefor the Tygron Engine supports multiple ways:


The TQL Queries mentioned before can also be used in combination with Excelsheets. This way you can combine the power of Excel with Spatial Data.

The results of the calculation can then be visualized in:


2D/3D Web Viewer

The Tygron Platform also includes a basic Web Viewer that can be used to visualize your project in a Web Browser.  The viewer can also be extended with your own panels, CSS styling, etc.

GIS Apps

Using Open GEO formats, like WFS and WMS you can also connect with the Tygron Engine via several GIS Applications:

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