EDU Pre-event 2021: the recap

On April 1st 2021, Tygron organized an EDU pre-event to introduce the platform to lecturers and educational institutes from all around the world. The theme of the pre-event was “Geodesign Future-proof Cities”. Participants were able to choose between a morning and an evening session. They explored the many features and themes of Tygron, heard from experts who use Tygron for professional projects, got to know all about our educational licenses and use-cases. A Q&A session was organized at the end of both events, where everybody had the chance to ask and answer questions related to the Tygron platform.

Short recap of the event

Watch the video and read the short recap below.

Hedi van Dijk, COO of Tygron, was the moderator of both sessions. She started by introducing the speakers and gave a brief overview of the session.

Florian Witsenburg, the CEO from Tygron, introduced the Tygron Geodesign Platform. He explained how the platform works, and talked about the main features  as well as the possible uses of the platform. To do that, he showed some examples of what the platform can do, such as the heat overlay function and the flood simulation function. He also provided the audience with the history of the Tygron Platform and its evolution from a consultancy tool to a user-friendly open-data software.

After Florian, guest speaker Carmen Merino Zamora, Junior Technical Consultant from Tauw Iberia, gave a small presentation about her Masters project. She talked about how she is using the Tygron Platform to run rainfall simulations and to calculate the flooding effects as part of her flood risk management project in Arganda del Rey, Madrid. She highlighted the advantages of using the platform in this type of projects.

Afterwards, Hansje Hooghiemstra, who works as an Education Coordinator at Tygron, talked about two use-cases of the Tygron platform in education. She also explained about the EDU licenses and their conditions, as well as the EDU manual that was recently launched to help lecturers integrate the platform in their curriculum.

During the Q&A, participants asked questions like “How can we add real time data to the platform?” and “Is there a way to experience the Tygron platform in VR?”. Len Geisler from TAUW shared an article about an app which uses data from the Tygron Platform to show projected floods in virtual reality in real time.Also, participants asked questions like “How can we overcome data challenges in the platform?”, “Is there a way to edit the mistakes in the imported data?” and “Can we import 3d files like SketchUp directly to the platform?”. The speakers and participants joined to answer those questions and share their experience.

At the end of the session, Hedi concluded by thanking the participants and the speakers, and invited everyone to the main EDU event, that would take place the following week on April 8th 2021, where Tygron would be launching their new EDU manual.