Tygron LTS Server Release 2021

As announced in the December newsletter,  the Tygron LTS Server 2021 will be released on Friday March 5th, 2021. In this newsletter you will find practical information about the preparation of this release.

Servers maintenance

On Friday March 5th there will be maintenance on the Servers in connection with the release. This is done outside office hours to limit the inconvenience as much as possible. Please note these activities might be delayed to the weekend. Do you have important work with the Tygron Platform planned for March 5th and/or in the weekend? Let us know at info@tygron.com and take this into account in your planning.

Improved functionalities

In 2020, Tygron has developed many improvements and new functionalities on its software in close cooperation with its users. These new developments have now been tested and documented and will become available for all users. The main new developments are:

  • Parametric design: configure, analyze and optimize spatial plans;
  • Aerius calculator: Calculate NOx deposition through the connection with the Aerius API;
  • Water Module: Several improvements to surface- and groundwater calculations;
  • API: With the 2021 LTS Server Release the API will become available for all users.

You can find all detailed information on these and more developments on our website:

We hope you enjoy using the new Tygron LTS Server 2021!