Province of Utrecht uses the Tygron Platform for the Environmental Act


The province of Utrecht has developed specific instruments to help the Utrecht municipalities in enhancing their spatial planning. The most influential instrument of the past few years has been the ‘Water and the Environment in Spatial Planning Guide’. The key to this guide is the Environmental Quality Profiles (EQP) stating the province’s area-specific environmental and sustainability ambitions. These Environmental Quality Profiles comprise twenty environmental and sustainability aspects (called indicators), such as energy consumption, generation of sustainable energy, water safety, sound pollution, air quality and also access by public transport.

3D Model

For the application of the EQP, the use of a 3D model gives stakeholders a better understanding of the impact of the decisions taken than a 2D chart. Also reliable and detailed 3D information is required for a specific review of for example sound pollution, air quality and flooding in order to properly calculate these spatial issues.

Excellent combination

The versatile functionality of the Tygron Geodesign Platform makes an excellent combination with the EQP. In order to visualize and review initiatives in a 3D model, reviews against the applicable regulations (at present the zoning plan, in the future the environmental plan), and also for individual topics/indicators (in the future also called environmental values), the Platform is entirely geared to perform according to the Environmental Act.