Smoke visualized based on attributes

1 year ago
Released on LTS vs. 20211

For a a project we would like to visualise a pollution cloud coming from an industrial site. This helps with the stakeholder management. Tygron already has chimneys and basic smoke animations. There are a few levels of detail, each adding a bit more:
– Simply enlarge the smoke plume and decreasing the vanishing distance of the animation
– Combine the smoke animation with the windspeed weather event (much like the trees already can) and direction (in the heatstress overlay) to be able to adjust the animation values (direction, height, density etc.)
– Being able to use geo-information from a different model and using this information (height, distance, density of the cloud etc.) to visualize the pollution cloud.
– (Way out of scope) actually being able to model this and visualize.

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