Basic mode for large areas

The Basic mode makes it possible to load large areas at low resolution. This is now available for strategic partners as a BETA functionality in your LTS- license.

WMS- and WCS-services

The possibility to search (OGC catalogs) and import WMS- and WCS-services. This is useful to import ‘pictures’ such as infrared and satellite data into the Tygron Platform and use them […]

Geo Share and Geo plug-ins Automatic integration of (your own) geodata, such as for buildings, roads, trees/green, electrical chargers, playgrounds, height maps or brook profile, in Tygron’s 3D model. Also very useful for data […]

Traffic: more possibilities with data

The possibility to integrate NSL traffic data ( and use them in calculations. Use different numbers for day/evening night (noise) and weekdays (air pollution).

Prequels: relating overlays

The possibility to use one overlay as input for another in calculations. There are many applications, such as using a Subsidence Overlay as input for a Water Overlay, or using […]


XC-Query option that selects all items in e.g. a neighborhood. This is useful for e.g. selecting all residential houses in a neighborhood. Related documentation:

Performance updates

Continuous improvement of Tygron’s HPC capacity. Tygron has now reached a 10 billion grid calculation record: Grid Overlays can be resized to 25cm and max 5 billion cells.

More data from data sources

Automatic collection of more data from data sources. In the Netherlands: Average Resident information from CBS Energy labels for adresses 3D BAG (TUDelft 3D geoinformation group, New types of […]

Security updates

Continuous improvement of measures to protect data and projects. Among others, improved measures to deal with Brute-force attacks

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