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Water levels at hydraulic structures

For every hydraulic structure, water levels are now stored in an attribute: object datum output. This attribute is automatically created when calculating a water overlay.With this new attribute (which is […]

Improved Water Wizard

The Water Wizard is improved to provide more feedback about configured settings and imported data. The updated wizard now provides warnings (in orange) and errors (in red). To solve these […]

Improved positioning of water objects

Improved positioning of water objects (e.g. culverts) when objects are imported in a project. This reduces the occurrence of the error “cannot be placed in grid” when importing water objects.

Import CityGML/CityJSON files

Add the possibility to directly import 3D models conform the CityGML data standard (https://www.ogc.org/standards/citygml), such as CityGML files and CityJSON files.This will make it easier to import detailed 3D models and […]

Improved Underground functionalities

Improve Underground functionalities like basements, subways, power lines and parking garages. More functionalities are possible in the future. If you have suggestions for new features please post a comment below […]

Smoke visualized based on attributes

For a a project we would like to visualise a pollution cloud coming from an industrial site. This helps with the stakeholder management. Tygron already has chimneys and basic smoke […]

Use non-grid overlays in the Combo overlay

The possibility to use non-grid overlays, like the Ownership Overlay, in the Combo Overlay functionality. Currently the Ownership Overlay is not a grid overlay and therefor not selectable for the […]

High voltage pylons

The possibility to add high voltage pylons to your project. When available, BGT and top10nl data are used to add the pylons and lines directly to new projects. https://youtu.be/fjIG38ZyoU0

Text message and/or email functionality when calculation is finished

When a large calculation is being calculated, you can request to receive a text message or email to notify you that the calculation is finished. Documentation: https://support.tygron.com/wiki/Calculation_panel#Scheduled_Update_.28long_running.29 https://community.tygron.com/forum/index.php?p=/discussion/371/tip-sms-and-email-notifications-when-completing-a-long-running-calculation#latest

Visualisation of geotiff imports

The possibility to visualize imported geotiffs as water. With the purpose to e.g. communicate calculations made with other modeling tools through the Tygron 2D world.

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