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Update statements net_loads (and WFS link via editor)

3 years ago

I think this would fall under a new idea / functionality.

I often need to update information connected to loads based on the spatial locations. It would be ideal to have multiple UPDATE statements in the TQL, like you have available for other constructions. Now, only the UPDATE_NETLOAD_ATTRIBUTENAME_WHERE_ID_IS_x is available. This results in a very limited option for updating the net loads because only single net loads can be updated instead of  all net loads per area or neighboorhood that can be updated at once.

In the current situation, there are plenty of options to think of, even several we’ve already automated, to adjust these net loads but all are very labour intensive and involve several other tools like QGIS, ArcGIS or Python.

The most effective alternative way I’ve found is the QGIS WFTS service and manually adjust it there. This brings me to the second idea. The WFS link for the networks can’t be retrieved in the same way from the client as all the other datasources. The exsisting export function can only generate a Geojson file. The WFS link can still be retrieved via the general WFS link (https://engine.tygron.com/api/session/wfs/?&token=…) and getting the loads via there. It would be ideal to have the same export options for the networks as for the other elements in the Tygron Platform.




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