FEATURE REQUEST – User-friendly method of exporting result of spatial calculations as images

3 years ago
For evaluation on longer term0

As a data creator/analist, I would like a user-friendly way to export the results of overlays as images, so that it becomes easier to convert the raw calculated results to material which I can past and use in reports directly.

It is currently possible to obtain geotiffs (raw data) via the client application, and it is possible to download png images via the API. But it would be more user friendly if there is a button in the Tygron Platform client to download the image without opening the API. In addition, obtaining the legend as well is even more complex, as the API does not offer a direct link to the legend graphics for specific overlays. A user needs to find the generic link in the WMS capabilities endpoint and then manually add the layer.

Actual result is that images of overlays can only be exported via the API.

Expected result is that in the export options of an overlay in the client, one of the options is to download as a png (with width and height configurable, and preset to equal the amount of cells in those directions respectively), ánd the option to download the legend as well. The goal is to have an export which can be pasted directly into a report without post-processing to make the values interpretable.

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