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Ability to configure a geotiff overlay with multiple geotiffs in timeframes

3 years ago
Released on LTS 20230

The ability to store multiple geotiffs in a single geotiff overlay, as timeframes, so that when you run scripts which computes a series of rainfall events, you can store the results in a Tygron project in a form which is, in terms of usability, identical to the actually calculating rainfall overlay.

Example use case:

You create a script, which other users can easily load into their own projects to run. The script would have definitions of a number of rainfall events (think 6 for a simple run, up to 300 for one which strictly adheres to mandated rainfall tests they may need to perform). The script loads in the rainfall event in the water overlay in the project, performs the calculation, then stores the result as a geotiff in the project so the user can download the result at their leasure at a later time. You would like to be able to, after all rainfall events have calculated, view the results of any of the rainfall event calculations over time, in the same way a rainfall overlay itself would provide.

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