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For hydrologists: Aveco de Bondt and Tygron jointly offer Water module training

As hydrologists, we are a crucial factor in calculating and assessing water management, which is essential for a sustainable and climate-proof future of the Netherlands. In order to bear this responsibility and to meet the challenges of changing water management, we need modern calculation tools that support us.

One of the most advanced calculation tools for hydrological analysis is the Tygron Water module. This tool offers the ability to analyze and predict complex hydrological scenarios in a faster and more accurate way than ever before. By mastering this tool, you will be at the forefront of the latest developments in water management.

With the Tygron Water module you get the possibility to perform real-time simulations of complex hydrological scenarios. The Tygron Platform combines hydrological, geological and meteorological data in an interactive model that allows you to quickly compare and analyze different scenarios. This allows you to better predict and respond to the effects of various measures on water management of an area.

The Tygron Water module offers you a unique opportunity to investigate the impact of changing climate conditions on water management.

Do you want to learn how to work with the Tygron Water module?

Aveco de Bondt, in collaboration with Tygron, offers training for the Tygron Water module. By following these trainings, hydrologists and other water professionals can make optimal use of the Tygron Water module and achieve better results.

Aveco de Bondt is the suitable partner for these training courses because of their in-depth knowledge and extensive experience in the field of water management and hydrology. The company has a long history of successfully executing complex hydrological projects and developing innovative solutions to water management challenges. Aveco de Bondt has also built up extensive expertise in the use of the Tygron software, and has been training various user groups for many years, making them the perfect trainers to guide you in the optimal use of the Tygron Water module. You will learn how to use the software effectively and how to better analyze and predict various complex hydrological scenarios, essential for successful water management in the Netherlands. Hydrologists who do not yet have access to the Tygron Water module will receive 3 months free access to the full functionality of the platform as part of the training.

You will have the opportunity to work on real case studies and to develop your own projects. This strengthens your position as an expert in the field of hydrology and supporting tooling, now and in the future. By mastering this system, you can answer new types of questions about the water system than before, and thus better respond to the changing conditions in water management.

In short, if you as a hydrologist are serious about sustainable water management and want to work with the latest technologies, the Tygron Water module is the perfect tool for you. Don’t miss this opportunity and sign up for the training today!

The next training is the two-day Basic Training Water module; on September 21 and 26, 2023.

Learn more about the training, the dates and costs by going to the Tygron Academy

To find out more about the collaboration between Aveco de Bondt and Tygron see: Tygron and Aveco join forces in a strategic partnership

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