Tygron Geodesign Platform free for Education

The Tygron Geodesign Platform is free of charge available for students. The free Edu license for educational institutions is created to allow more students to gain experience in using the Tygron Platform.

More and more companies and governments are using the Tygron Platform and we see an increase in the demand for the number of vacancies in which experience with the Engine is requested as an advantage. With the free Edu license we try to better coordinate the supply of new professionals and the demand for experienced users.

The Tygron Platform has development rapidly the recent years. Previously the tool was mainly used for playing the Climategame, nowadays the Platform can be used very widely for all possible Geodesign issues. Consider, for example, providing insight into GIS data and the rapid execution of complex calculation models. Students implement GIS data themselves and use it to perform stress tests. They then analyze heat stress in areas, for example.

It is expected that in the coming school year, another 40 educational institutions will start up in and outside the Netherlands.

What comes with your new licence?

  • 30 new projects can be created per day.
  • The maximum dimensions per project are 1 kilometer x 1 kilometer.
  • The maximum of 50 km2 in total for all projects to save.
  • Climate game is supplied as a standard.
  • Can be used on an international level.
  • Various demo projects to practice skills for different fields.
  • Access to various learning materials and the Tygron community via the Forum.

What we ask in return:

The Tygron platform has a very active user community. We ask users of the educational license to contribute to this community as much as possible for example by:

  • Filling in and sharing the template from the Tygron Edu manual so that the sample use cases are available for all educational institutions
  • Asking questions on the Tygron Forum by teachers and students using the platform.
  • Writing a blog post for the Tygron website.
  • Provide active feedback on new teaching materials that are being developed so that they can be made available to all users
  • Giving a presentation at a Tygron Event

In consultation, it is examined which participation in the community best suits your educational institution so that it is feasible and realistic. We are always open to looking for a suitable solution so that the community can grow and a new school can start using it, we think that is the most important of all.

Are you interested and do you also want a (free) Edu license with your educational institution or do you want more information about our new paid Edu license with which you can create areas up to 10 kilometers by 10 kilometers? Sign up now via info@tygron.com.