Tygron Platform calculates with remarkable speed large areas in hyper resolution

Tygron recently conducted a simulation of a water model on 1 billion computing cells.

Here’s an illustration: on 1 billion cells, an area of 30 kilometres x 30 kilometres (or miles if you so prefer) can be subdivided into computing cells of 1 meter x 1 meter. The application of the widely used discretization techniques in water models, unstructured grids and subgrids is not required. We have a solid base to calculate regional water systems through the Tygron Geodesign Platform.

The Tygron Platform is an integrated instrument, suited to make water issues transparent in combination with other topics (energy, traffic, air quality etc.) in high resolution as well as at high speed.
Tygron serves a diverse group of users both in and outside the water industry. All of these users have one thing in common: the need for calculations at a high rate and a high resolution.

Why won’t this work with model codes of existing water models?

Numerical schemes of existing model codes have not been created for computing with GPUs. A Modflow, for example is therefore not likely to make faster groundwater calculations on GPUs. This is not specifically the case with Modflow, but with practically all the existing model codes used by the Dutch water industry.

Computing complete countries on 1m x 1m is within reach

Since 2017, 25 million computing cells have been available for each project built within the Tygron Platform. The target is to be able to handle this number forty times over by 2019: 1 billion.

If this process is continued, 90 billion cells are well within reach by 2020. This will allow an area of 300km x 300km, larger than a country like the Netherlands, to be subdivided into computing cells of 1m x 1m.

And: based on 90 billion cells, the entire world can then be subdivided into computing cells of approximately 125m x 125m…