Tygron Geodesign Platform free for Education

The Tygron Geodesign Platform can now be used by educational institutions free of charge. Both students and teachers have access to the entire tool and the opportunity to test all geographical issues in real-life situations. A great chance for students to gain experience, enhance their CVs and improve their positions in the job market.

The Tygron Platform is fully integrated software designed to provide accurate and fast calculations of complex geographical data. An area is directly shown in a 3D representation based on GIS data. Any changes in data are calculated fast as lightning and transparently presented on the 3D map. The cardinal calculation models and modules, developed in close cooperation with the planning sector, constantly produce accurate and up-to-date data.


Any decisions in spatial planning are based on geographic processes. The benefits and detrimental aspects for the area, the risks and the proceeds for all the stakeholders are continuously considered in any aspects such as urban planning, landscape architecture, water management and the environment.

A Geodesign tool such as the Tygron Platform is essential to facilitating the complex interaction between nature and humans. Not surprisingly, the Tygron Platform is increasingly used in business, by the public authorities and district water authorities. We have consequently noticed a surge in the number of vacancies requiring experience with the Tygron Platform.

Terms of Use

The use of the Tygron Engine is subject to a few conditions. Schools are asked to let us know how the Engine is adopted in the curriculum and students are asked to draw up a small report with their findings after finishing their projects. This is shared on the Tygron website as useful information for other schools. This will give teachers clues on how to fit in the Tygron Engine with their own curriculum while students may utilise this information for the rundown of their final project.

In the upcoming academic year 2018/19, another 40 educational institutions worldwide are anticipated to start using the Platform.

If you’re interested and would like to participate in the trial with your educational institution or if you would like further information, please contact us at info@tygron.com

What comes with your new licence?

  • Parallel backup of 30 projects. This allows groups of students (3 or 4 per project) to work on projects together.
  • The maximum dimensions per project are 1 kilometer x 1 kilometer.
  • Loading 200 new projects without saving.
  • Climate game is supplied as a standard
  • Can be used on an international level

What we ask in return:

  • The school/University must have an ongoing plan of how to adopt the software in the curriculum. This may be shared with other schools.


  • By the end of the course, the students draw up a small report including how the software was used. This is shared on the Tygron website as information for other schools. Students may use this information to prepare a rundown for their final project.


Are you interested and would you like to join the trial with your educational institution, or should you like to receive further information? Please contact us at info@tygron.com.