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Tygron and Aveco join forces in a strategic partnership

Tygron and Aveco de Bondt join forces to provide water professionals with the latest and most advanced tools for water management and hydrological analysis, and have entered into a strategic partnership for this purpose. This way, Tygron and Aveco de Bondt can serve water professionals with a complete package of services, combining the Tygron Water module with Aveco de Bondt’s in-depth knowledge and experience in the field of hydrology. Aveco de Bondt also provides training for the Tygron Water module – a powerful calculation tool for real-time simulations of hydrological scenarios. The training courses of Aveco de Bondt offer an excellent opportunity to make optimal use of the Tygron Water module and to gain more insight from a wide range of hydrological analyses.

Aveco de Bondt is a leading hydrology and water management consultancy, with extensive knowledge and experience in developing innovative solutions for water management challenges above and below ground. Tygron is an innovative software company focused on the development of smart and sustainable solutions for urban planning and water management at all scales.

The collaboration between Tygron and Aveco de Bondt is an important step forward in the development of smart and sustainable solutions for water management in the Netherlands. By integrating the Tygron Water module with the expertise of Aveco de Bondt, water professionals can better understand and weigh up the challenges of changing water management with those involved, in order to achieve a sustainable and climate-proof future for the Netherlands.

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