API en Ecosysteem




The Tygron Platform makes it possible to set up your own ecosystem by linking your own analysis and software applications. The Tygron Platform is a cloud solution and a central data hub with powerful analytics capabilities. The data import and export works according to open standards. The Platform links via the API with:  

  • Tygron / community servers such as the forum and our helpdesk but also with authentication servers for safe use. 
  • The most relevant geoservers such as PDOK, Esri and OSM. For an overview of linked data sources, see our wiki
  • Standard calculation modules such as the Waterwijzer and Aerius. You can also use the API to link your own calculation modules. 
  • Geoclouds such as ArcGIS Online and the PDOK Database 
  • Integrated Server/Client Sources such as the National Road Database and the BGT, but also for SSL certificates and video card integration. 

Precisely because it is an ecosystem, its applications are unlimited. The Platform offers a wide range of visual development tools, as well as reusable software components. These resources are offered in an integrated development environment, which makes it very easy for the user to enter, adjust and supplement data and themes. Existing or to be developed models and applications are easy to link. This creates an ecosystem of (software) products that can exchange data and contribute to all kinds of issues in our physical living environment. Think of issues in the field of urban development, energy transition, climate change, flooding, health, participation, etc. This can be supported by VR, Augmented reality, real-time data, etc. 


The Tygron Platform was developed in the age of Internet, where data is communicated over the Web using API endpoints. 

  • Automate interactions, update live sensor data or add additional simulation models. 
  • Supports modern web standard based on secure RESTful JSON endpoints. 
  • JSON is supported by Javascript, Phyton, FME, and many more languages.