Enhancing Your Workflow with Tygron’s Python SDK

In any organization, there are well-established processes, workflows, and tools that experts in their domains rely on. You’re familiar with these systems and prefer enhancing your workflow rather than replacing it entirely. Tygron recognizes this and offers a solution that seamlessly integrates with your current setup using open standards for data import and export.

However, sometimes standard integration might not be enough. Consider the following scenarios:

  • You may be using applications with other exchange formats.
  • You might want to stick with interfaces you’re already comfortable with and aren’t looking for a new application.
  • You may be open to using the Tygron Platform, but have a significant number of repeated calculations to perform.

To address these needs, the Tygron Platform provides an API that allows you to connect external tools and scripts directly. This means you can control the Tygron Platform using your existing tools without solely relying on the client application for input and control. To make your life easier doing this, we also provide a Python SDK.

Accelerating Simulations for Engineers with the Tygron Platform

To manage the complexity and scale of today’s projects, you need tools that accelerate your workflows without compromising control, precision, or quality. It’s crucial to validate and verify every step in the process. That’s why we created the Tygron Platform – designed for engineers to integrate, simulate, and present their data while staying in control of every step of the process.

Discover the three technological drivers behind the Tygron Platform that deliver speed and accuracy in handling your data and simulations:

Why Engineers and Firms Should Use the Python SDK

For engineers and engineering firms, the Python SDK offers several key advantages that can significantly enhance your workflow:

  • Seamless Integration with Existing Tools: The SDK allows you to integrate the Tygron Platform directly into your existing tools and applications. This means you don’t have to abandon the familiar interfaces or disrupt your current workflow. Instead, you can augment your tools with Tygron’s advanced capabilities.
  • Automate Repetitive Tasks: Engineers often face repetitive calculations and simulations. The Python SDK lets you automate these tasks, saving valuable time and reducing the potential for human error. You can script complex operations and run them with minimal manual intervention.
  • Enhanced Data Interoperability: The SDK facilitates the exchange of data between the Tygron Platform and other applications you use. This means you can easily import data into Tygron for simulations and export results back to your preferred tools for further analysis or presentation.
  • Leverage High-Performance Computing (HPC): The Tygron Platform’s HPC capabilities can be accessed directly through the SDK. This enables you to perform large-scale simulations and complex computations more efficiently, even from within your existing systems.
  • Flexibility and Control: Using the SDK gives you greater control over how and when you interact with the Tygron Platform. You can run simulations, manage data, and retrieve results on your own terms, tailored to your specific project needs.
  • Scalable Solutions: Whether you’re working on a small-scale project or a large, complex one, the SDK scales with your needs. You can develop simple scripts for quick tasks or sophisticated integrations for comprehensive data management and analysis.

Setting Up the Python SDK: A Simplified Process

Here’s how setting up the SDK enhances your workflow:

  • Download the SDK: Start by downloading the Python SDK and adding it directly as a module to your Python Project. The code is open-source, and downloadable freely as a zip file or via a source control system such as Git.
  • Run the examples and provided scripts: Out-of-the-box, multiple code examples exist which demonstrate how to use the SDK’s features. From simple processes such as merely starting and reading a single Project, to transferring data between separate Projects or even automating the creation of Projects.
  • Develop your scripts and plugins: Either taking the provided examples, or working entirely from scratch, you can immediately leverage the SDK’s functionalities to interact with the Tygron Platform. Build up the complexity and create a tool and interface fit for your use-case.
  • Integrate into your broader workflow: Your scripts and plugins can be used in your existing applications and tools, allowing those to communicate with the Tygron Platform on your behalf. The HPC features of the Platform can be leveraged directly as integrated part of your workflow, without the need to manually micromanage its usage.

This allows you to quickly perform complex calculations and analyse data efficiently, without abandoning your existing tools!

Why Use the Python SDK?

  • Free and Open Source: The SDK is free and open source, making it accessible for everyone.
  • Compatible with All Accounts: It works with both trial and license-backed accounts.
  • Easy to Use: Designed to make programmatic connections easy, reducing the complexity of integrating with the Tygron Platform.


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The Python SDK is also available for users with a free trial, allowing you to explore its capabilities without any initial cost. 

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Omarm de toekomst van stadsplanning en omgevingssimulaties met het Tygron Platform, waar extreme rekenkracht, naadloze interoperabiliteit en snelle Digital Twin creatie samenkomen om uw projecten naar nieuwe hoogten te tillen.

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