Feeding the Beast

by Maxim Knepfle, CTO Tygron At the NVIDIA GTC Conference I visited several presentations that touched on a very interesting subject: The need to see the GPU as a throughput […]

Flash floods in River Catchments

Two weeks ago heavy rainfall resulted in floodings in south/east of the Netherlands. Although the main river Maas did have some issues, most unexpected floodings where caused along secondary rivers […]

Quick Flood Risk Assessment

Last month I discussed how the Tygron GPU Supercomputer can be used for a hyper-resolution flooding at maximum detail. However, in case of an acute emergency, calculation speed and the […]

Hyper-resolution Flooding of the Bommelerwaard

Last year Tygron breached the 1 billion grid cells threshold. Today we are using this Massively parallel GPU technology (100.000 execution tasks in parallel) for more use-cases and refining it […]

River Deltas at High Resolution

In a previous blog entry we showed that it was possible to calculate a 60x60km map at very high resolution (1m). This is especially useful for small canals and surface […]

NVIDIA A100: What can it do for Tygron?

Today was NVIDIA’s “Kitchen keynote” for the GTC 2020. CEO Jensen Huang showed the latest development in AI, High Performance Computing and a new GPU Accelerator called the A100. Flooding […]

Beyond a billion grid cells

This is the first Tygron R&D blog entry. With this new blog I will try to explain the more technical challenges inside the Tygron Platform’s Supercomputer. Most of the Tygron […]

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