4 jaren ago
Released on LTS 20210

We have an extensive method for the integration of InfoWorks calculations in Tygron. However, in order to work on a fully integrated calculation (rural and urban) it is necessary that water in rural areas does come from Tygron itself (rain), as this is not included in the IW model. The most logical form would be a RAIN_AREA. This is not (!) The same as the existing LIMIT_AREA. You want to calculate everywhere, but not that it rains everywhere. This AREA must also be able to indicate donuts (holes) or several loose areas. The rain curve can be in an array, just like inlets already have.

An additional nice to have: The RAIN_AREA also enables you to perform calculations in an urban area (without IW) in a slightly different way. Most models ensure that rain does not fall on roofs, but that it always goes straight into the sewer. There is a reason for this, in practice roofs continue to discharge into the sewage system and water does not flow directly to ground level via the roof. In Tygron, water from roofs enters the sewer first, but when the sewer is full, it flows from the roofs to ground level. This does not completely correspond to reality. To do this properly, this water would actually have to come out of the sewer, but that is again complicated with a container assumption as it is now in Tygron. Because this involves a lot more, I call this a nice to have.



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