3-30-300 for healthier urban living with Urban Sync

The 3-30-300 rule is a  rule of thumb for urban forestry and urban greening that was developed by Professor Cecil Konijnendijk, director of the Nature Based Solutions Institute. 

This rule states that a living environment is healthier if everyone in this environment can see at least 3 trees from home, school or work, if the neighborhood contains at least 30% foliage and there is a good quality green space of at least 1 acre within 300 meters of home present. This creates a healthy living environment that is experienced by residents as pleasant, invites to healthy behavior and where the pressure on health is as low as possible. 

Concept creator Urban Sync works on applying this rule for healthy urban areas, making use of the Tygron Platform. This way, Urban Sync offers the possibility to discover areas where additional landscaping is needed, where the canopy needs to be increased or where larger green spaces need to be developed. The identification of these opportunities enables city planners and designers to make considered decisions that stimulate the health and well-being of the inhabitants.


Check out the webinar (in Dutch) on the subject or go to https://urbansync.nl/2023/06/29/de-3-30-300-regel/, where you can find contact information and a download link to the whitepaper on the subject.

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