Hollands Midden Safety Region: Insight into flood scenarios and action perspectives based on big data and smart algorithms

How do we get a grip on the consequences of flood scenarios, as well as on our action perspective? On 20 February 2020 a meeting of the Safety Region Hollands Midden about this topic was held. In cooperation with the Water Board Rijnland, Tygron was therefore asked to create two films to give insight on: a hypothetical case for a breach in the levee near Braassemermeer and one near Lisse.

The Tygron Platform not only calculated and visualised in 3D how the water would flow in the event of a levee breach, but also combined flood data with open data about the road network, buildings and demographics. This provides an insight into evacuation options in the event of flooding: how long will roads remain passable? Where are vulnerable buildings and how long will they remain safe, taking into account the number of floors of the buildings?

The project has been set up in such a way that employees of the Water Board Rijnland can independently prepare a possible next demonstration. They have been trained in the use of a template project that can easily be applied to other locations within the water board’s management area.

Together with a number of Water Boards, Tygron has developed a module that can quickly simulate levee breaches from big data. The calculations are performed on a GPU supercomputer, allowing results to be generated very quickly at a very high level of detail. The data processed in the project concerns, for example, critical infrastructure and buildings. With the data and the results of the calculations, the impact of a possible flood can be determined. This, in turn, is very relevant information for the safety regions. More information about the water module of Tygron: https://www.tygron.com/en/2020/02/12/the-water-module/

 Tygron is now widely used by water boards, municipalities, provinces and consultants. The Water Board Rijnland has been working for several years with the software for evaluating flood scenarios and carrying out impact analyses; for more information (Dutch): https://www.tygron.com/nl/2019/09/04/hollands-midden-brengt-overstromingsrisico-in-kaart/.