Overlay result analysis

This video gives an overview of the tools available to analyse the results of calculated grid overlays in the Tygron Platform. Options include showing the overlay directly, analyzing them in-depth using the measurement tool, and exporting their data.

Project to follow along: Demo Rainfall


0:45  How are calculation results of an Overlay structured?
1:23  How can I view all results of an Overlay calculation directly?
2:45  How can I compare the results of a calculation with the results of an earlier calculation with different settings?
3:26  How can I use the measuring tool?
7:43  How can I save measurements made with the measuring tool?
8:26  How can I export a measurement made with the measuring tool?
9:44  Do other overlays have additional forms of output or results?
10:44 How can I export my overlay results for use in GIS applications?


Water module: time sequence

This video gives a demonstration on how to define dynamic time sequences. As a demonstration, a few simple files are loaded in to vary rainfall and evaporation over time, as well as the height of a breach and the configuration of a hydraulic structure.

Project to follow along: Demo Breach


2:37  How can I import my own weather data?
4:03  How is a time sequence structured?
5:38  How can I use a sequence of varying rainfall over time?
7:21  How can I use a sequence of varying evaporation over time?
9:58  How can I have the height of a breach vary over time?
12:14  How is a time sequence structured?
18:06  How can I have the configuration of my hydraulic structure vary over time?
19:27  How is a time sequence structured?





0:27 -Set language

https://support.tygron.com/wiki/Wizard and https://support.tygron.com/wiki/File_Menu#Language

4:20 -Overlays: pictures and calculations

https://support.tygron.com/wiki/Geo_Data#Export_Geo_data and https://support.tygron.com/wiki/Overlay

12:10 -Indicators: targets and calculations

https://support.tygron.com/wiki/Indicators#Indicator_targets and https://support.tygron.com/wiki/Excel

24:56-Function Values: influence indicators and attributes

https://support.tygron.com/wiki/Functions#Function_values and https://support.tygron.com/wiki/Attributes

31:00-Actions: upgrades and transfer money action

https://support.tygron.com/wiki/Upgrades and https://support.tygron.com/wiki/List_of_actions#Special_Actions

37:42-Traffic model:


43:37-Measure: Flatten land



TQL en Indicators

Webinar die uitleg geeft over de Tygron Query Language en Indicators die gemaakt kunnen worden door het gebruik van TQL

U kunt hier de Template Excel downloaden waarmee u zelf een indicator kunt bouwen: