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Water Safety
  • The Tygron Water Module is a hydraulic model that solves the shallow-water equation.
  • Enabling hydrologists to explore more design options and simulate more complex flows.
Climate Resiliency
  • Simulate and predict the impacts multiple hazards, such as extreme rainfall, drought, and heat stress.
  • Develop adaptation measures, such as green infrastructure, drought-tolerant landscaping and storm-water detention basins.
Environmental Impact
  • Evaluate the local environment, including simulation of traffic noise, biodiversity, nature, water quality and heat stress.
  • Simulate various development scenarios and evaluate the impact on the surrounding area.
Urban Planning
  • The Tygron Platform provides a powerful set of tools and simulations to support city planning and decision-making.
  • Simulate the impacts of different development scenarios on topics such as climate impact and environmental impact.
Digital Twin
  • Create your own Digital Twin and evaluate the impact of development projects on the surrounding area.
  • Share data across different systems and platforms, without the need for complex data conversions or custom integrations.
  • Allows stakeholders to create and test different development scenarios, including changes to land use, building density, and infrastructure.
  • Evaluate the potential impact on the surrounding area, climate resiliency, and environment.

What our customers have to say

“There is no other tool that enables me to do such a wide set of climate risk related analysis, based on scientific and/or benchmarked models”

Tijmen van der Sande


"The Tygron Platform is not only a strong tool for analysis but also for communication towards stakeholders. It allows us to explore real-world scenario’s and optimize sustainable solutions in the built environment."

Jart Ligterink


“With the Tygron Platform, we have the power to turn data into insights, and insights into action – empowering us to create smarter, healthier and more sustainable cities."

Per Prins

Urban Sync

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