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License options

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We have 3 types of licenses:

  • Regular license
  • 10 day trial license
  • Educational License

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The Tygron Client can be downloaded here


Whether you’re just getting started with our technology, or you’re a seasoned pro who’s used to pushing it to its limits, there’s a range of options to help you succeed.

Training options

The Tygron Platform is professional software. To make optimal use of its functionalities, we recommend that you follow a targeted training course. We provide several training options

Online Tutorials

We offer a number of online tutorials to practise both basic and advanced skills through a series of steps and excercises.



Our Tygron wiki provides a detailed description on all aspects of our Software.

EDU Manual

For Educational institutions: our EDU manual provides more info on how to design courses, learn or teach the use of the platform

Youtube Channel

Check out the Tygron youtube channel for practical demonstrations.

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