Because the platform offers an ecosystem, its applications are unlimited. Data and analyses are integrated in the ecosystem of (software) products to contribute to all kinds of issues in our physical living environment. Think of issues in the field of urban development, energy transition, climate change, flooding, health, participation, etc.


Accurately provide insight into geographical issues and their interdependence on themes such as energy, water, traffic, and air quality.

  • All data and calculation models available centrally.
  • Validated, integrated calculation models at your disposal.
  • HPC; fast and accurate data processing and complex calculations.


Create performance indicators, maps and visualizations based on attributes, contours, calculation models and regulations.

  • Query and combine datasets and results of calculation models.
  • Create maps based on data, attributes, outcomes, and rules.
  • Create and use Key Performance Indicators.

Impact assessment

Explore scenarios for climate adaptation, levee improvement, energy measures or an urban plan.

  • Place your design in a realistic 3D world.
  • Immediately see the impact of the design on the environment.
  • Integral feedback on performance indicators and calculation models.