Roadmap overview



Tygron develops its functionalities in close collaboration with its users. Since Tygron was founded in 2005, it has been our ambition to build software in which integral collaboration is central. We have developed this vision together with our customers and over time it has become a platform in which:

  • Reliable calculation models are integrated.
  • Customers can enter their own data and analysis.
    • Due to the great freedom of performing queries and designing performance indicators
    • Users can easily link data and applications themselves using the API
  • Data ownership and privacy are secured conform the most recent standards and legislations.

Central to the developments for the coming years are:

  • More calculation power for even faster calculations on larger areas at very high detail
  • More detailed calculation models, in particular for groundwater
  • More options for working with scenario’s

Partner functionalities

Depending on our roadmap, specific functionalities are available for partners only. These functionalities are beta features that still need some further specifications based on user interaction.
In 2023 the partner functionalities are:

  • The possibility to work with even smaller grid sizes, starting from 10×10 cm, with a maximum of 10 billion gridcells.
  • More space for storing files on the GeoShare
  • Access tot the Basic Mode:  the Basic Mode enables the creation of very large projects (up to 180 x 180 km) with a medium (5m) grid. The size (km2) of a Basic Mode project counts for 1/25 in your license.
  • The possibility to keep projects available for a longer period (> seven days) for your own customers.

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