Provinces use the Tygron Platform for different policy phases: From vision to plan to participation processes. Examples are long term spatial planning, energy transition plans and supporting decision making on private initiatives.




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Prime Minister Mark Rutte plays a game

Prime Minister Mark Rutte and then Minister of Infrastructure and Environment Melanie Schultz both played a role in a serious game set up by Tygron. In the session, an existing case in The Hague was discussed based on an urban planning simulation on the Tygron Platform. Rutte took on the role of project developer and Schultz represented the residents.

Student use case: 3D information on provincial issues

For this thesis two students have been investigating the added value of 3D information within provincial issues. One of the executed projects was about climate adaptation, in which the Tygron Engine was used.

Utrecht and Tygron together strong for energy transition

The Province of Utrecht will introduce the so-called energy dashboard on 1 June 2020. With this, the province wants to make the energy transition simpler and more transparent for all stakeholders in the region.

The Economic Value of Natural Capital

Nature is not only essential for the welfare of humans and animals, it also represents great economic value. We are therefore working on a new measure of the value of so-called natural capital.

Tygron joins the Esri Partner Network as Silver Partner

The Dutch Esri Partner Network is expanding with Tygron as Silver Partner. The collaboration between Tygron and Esri Nederland facilitates governments, engineers, planners and designers in straightforward cooperation and inproviding better solutions to complex spatial tasks.

Province of Utrecht uses the Tygron Platform for the Environmental Act

The province of Utrecht has developed specific instruments to help the Utrecht municipalities in enhancing their spatial planning.

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