The Tygron Geodesign Platform is multifunctional software, designed to provide insight into a range of geographical issues and their correlation with other topics (energy, water, traffic, air quality, etc.) in a fast and accurate manner.

The Tygron Platform has an integrated set-up as it works with all existing software packages in this field and performs as a central hub where data is collected and processed.

The Tygron Platform is project-based. The projects support interventions and processes in current and future affairs by providing a clear view of data and computing models. Data can be loaded and the Tygron Platform’s computing power can be used for your project.

For the term of the licence the following functionalities are available to you:

  • Adding data
  • Unlimited editing, with several persons at the same time
  • Unlimited scenario testing
  • Unlimited sharing through the 3D and 2D viewers

Once your project is finished, you can remove your project so you have space for a new project.

Currently, you can create projects of up to 30x30km. We are constantly working on expanding the computing power, so you can perform quick calculations even in large areas.

A number of benefits

  • Continuous maintenance of the software, including expansion of functionalities
  • All functionalities available to each user
  • Community of users


Domain management

  • Your own domain on the Tygron Platform
  • You decide who uses the domain. An unlimited number of users may be added to your domain during the licence period
  • Pre-set for each project who may use it

Project management

  • Project creation
  • Project editing. Unlimited editing during the licence period
  • Project editing, working on the project with several users at the same time.
  • Sharing the project, during the licence period, unlimited sharing through 2D and 3D
  • Version management

Super computer. Access to computing power

  • Self-built super computer in the cloud
  • Runs on a cluster of GPUs

3D model comprised of open-data sources including key-registration systems

  • Accurate and makes use of basic data
  • Set up in just minutes

2D viewer

  • 2D viewer for easy sharing of the project and data with others
  • Share your project in 2D, like a website
  • As a Geo viewer and also interactively
  • Create your own format in HTML and CSS
  • No licence required for access to 2D viewer
  • You decide who has access to the 2D viewer

Data from Central Statistical Office

  • Standard availability of statistic data from the Central Statistical Office to get a clear view and understanding of an area

A vision of the environment based on computing models:

  • Tygron Engine has an increasing number of computing models.
  • Heat stress (according to a model from Unesco IHE)
  • Air quality (based on SRM 1)
  • Flooding (See benchmark)
  • Noise (based on SRM 1)
  • Quality of life (based on VROM ‘leefbaarometer’ from the Ministry of Housing, Spatial Planning and the Environment)
  • Wizards helping you set the (advanced) computing models
  • Standard indicators

Adding data

  • Secured
  • Importing your own data through WFS,WMS, GeoJSON and GeoTIFF.
  • Exporting data as GeoJSON and GeoTIFF

Zoning plan

  • Standard loaded zoning plan + rules from

Add your own computing models

  • API for dev. licence
  • Add your own models through TQL. Added computing models are at all times the licensee’s property.
  • Create your own computing models and conduct tests.

Customizable interface

  • Customizable content of panels and pop-ups based on Javascript, HTML, CSS


  • Easy creation of films of a project with different camera angles and text and animations

Multiplayer session

  • Create a multiplayer session.
  • Set goals for a number of stakeholders to be defined by yourself
  • Goals can be achieved by building/demolishing certain elements
  • Create interventions in the session
  • Determine the degree of complexity

*This license is only available for institutions with educational purposes, such as Universities and Colleges. In return for making a license for the use of the platform and software free of charge, Tygron expects students to make an active contribution to the Community. Tygron and the institution will agree additional conditions to this end.

Disclaimer: no rights can be derived from the values in this table