License and pricing

The Tygron Platform is offered in the form of Software as a Service (SaaS), and comprises a license for the use of the underlying software, as well as its maintenance and support. Tygron offers standard (LTS) licenses as well as partnership licenses.

The type of standard license to choose depends on the amount of projects you want to work with, and their sizes.

Available LTS licenses (standard).

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Requesting a license

  • Request a 10 day free trial license by going to the download page and downloading the client and signing up. After 10 days you will be notified that your trial has ended. DOWNLOAD TRIAL HERE
  • Request a Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum license by clicking on “New Project” in the trial version. You will see an overview of licenses to which you will be able to upgrade.
  • For other license forms, like EDU and Enterprise contact us at

Free Educational (EDU) license.

This license is available to educational institutions, such as Universities and Higher Education colleges. In return for the free use of the license, Tygron expects the students to make an active contribution to the Community.

Enterprise license

Customers have requested the ability to work with the Tygron Platform and maintain it locally, for instance as a result of legislation. This is possible, and we are working on making this available to our customers.

This option requires a technical partnership (access through API) and you will need to acquire and maintain your own infrastructure.


For organisations where the Tygron Platform is a significant aspect to the organisation’s primary processes we offer different forms of partnerships.

Standard Partnership:

  • Contribute to the Tygron development roadmap: As a launching customer, contribute to and feedback on the newest developments in an early stage. Our roadmap is determined in close collaboration with our partners.
  • Know what’s upcoming: Earlier access to new releases (at least 4 months). At Pre-release meetings you will learn about the latest developments and how they facilitate your organisation.
  • Broadening and deepening: Best possible use of the (new) features of the Tygron Platform. Help with input and views on future developments of the Tygron Platform. Insight into how others use the platform through Communities of Practise.

Technical Partnership:

  • For developers who can create added value through integration with the Tygron Platform. The technical Partnership gives access to the Tygron Platform via API.
  • Increasing the value of your own data and software. Integration of your own software and development of your software ecosystem.
  • Sharing knowledge and views at the Tygron Developers Conference.
  • An addition to the standard partnership.

Commercial Partnership:

  • The Commercial Partnership is intended for organisations that serve many other organisations or organisational units through the Tygron Platform.
  • Serve your own clientele: offer your client its own (sub)domain. Create your own Templates and trade them in the Tygron Template Store. Provide training and support on the latest developments, own sub-domains and Templates.
  • An addition to the standard and technical partnership.

Interested in becoming a partner? Please contact us at