License and pricing

The Tygron Platform is offered in the form of Software as a Service (SaaS), and comprises a license for the use of the underlying software, as well as its maintenance and support. Tygron offers standard (LTS) licenses as well as partnership licenses.

The type of standard license to choose depends on the amount of projects you want to work with, and their sizes.

With a license on the Tygron Platform you get access to:

  • All available features.
  • Stable, Robust High Performance Computing Infrastructure.
  • Powerful environment for processing and visualizing data.
  • Access the API.
  • Access to all documentation.

No rights can be derived from the information in this table.

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Requesting a license

Free Educational (EDU) license.

This license is available to educational institutions, such as Universities and Higher Education colleges. In return for the free use of the license, Tygron expects the students to make an active contribution to the Community.