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Terrain height brush

Modify the elevation model through carefully drawn selections, allowing detailed changes to the terrain height. Documentation: https://previewsupport.tygron.com/wiki/Terrain_height_brush  

Environmental impact of urban plans

Assess the environmental impact of plans. Gain insight in noise and air pollution and traffic. Explore the impact of alternatives. Documentation: https://support.tygron.com/wiki/Traffic_Density_(Overlay) https://previewsupport.tygron.com/wiki/Traffic_Noise_(Overlay) https://support.tygron.com/wiki/Traffic_NO2(Overlay)

Check urban plans on regulation

Assess whether urban plans meet local regulations such as zoning plans. Gain insight in the effect of alternatives and discuss these with stakeholders. Documentation: https://previewsupport.tygron.com/wiki/Zoning

Insight in impact: livability

Gain fast and accurare insight in the impact of changes in your surroundings on livability and spatial quality Documentation: https://support.tygron.com/wiki/Livability_(Overlay)

Mechelen: Insight and impact assessment

In this use case for Mechelen (Belgium) the impact of urban plans on air quality and traffic noise was assessed. The analysis was enriched with data measured by citizens. Documentation: https://support.tygron.com/wiki/Traffic_NO2(Overlay) https://support.tygron.com/wiki/Traffic_Noise_(Overlay) https://support.tygron.com/wiki/Ground_Truth_2.0

Shade and sun angle analysis

Analyse shade and as well as the impact of urban plans of shade on different hours of the day, and different days of the year. Documentation: https://previewsupport.tygron.com/wiki/Sun_angle https://previewsupport.tygron.com/wiki/Shade_calculation_model_(Heat_Overlay)

WMS: show maps externally

Establish a live interaction of calculation results (maps) between the Tygron Platform and a GIS, such as ArcGIS Pro or QGIS. Documentation: https://support.tygron.com/wiki/WMS  

LTS Release 2019

Due to the new release our servers will temporarily be inaccessible from Friday 31 May after 16:00 p.m. This shutdown might take all weekend. We advise you to open and test your projects after the maintenance is finished. We are ready to help, so feel free to send an email to support@tygron.com if you have […]

Planned maintenance in januari

On januari 3rd 2019, at 9:00am GMT+1, we will perform regular maintenance on all our servers. For the duration of our maintenance work, all Tygron servers may be unavailable. We aim to restore our service as soon as possible, however it may continue into the weekend of januari 5th. Please contact support@tygron.com if you have […]