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Water Quality

Modelleer de stroom van stoffen door uw watersysteem. In deze video wordt de stroom van phospor bijgehouden. Documentatie: https://support.tygron.com/wiki/Substance_flow_model_(Water_Overlay)

Prime Minister Mark Rutte plays a game

Prime Minister Mark Rutte and then Minister of Infrastructure and Environment Melanie Schultz both played a role in a serious game set up by Tygron. In the session, an existing case in The Hague was discussed based on an urban planning simulation on the Tygron Platform. Rutte took on the role of project developer and […]

Vechtstromen water board carries out stress tests

The Delta Programme states that municipalities must carry out a compulsory stress test for flooding. The Tygron Platform is a perfectly suitable model for this. The Vechtstromen water board has trained several employees in how to use the Tygron Platform. The water board uses the software to carry out a stress test in a short […]

The fight against soil subsidence- RE:PEAT

Soil subsidence problems in peat meadows Sinking of the soil leads to problems. The means to prevent that lead to problems too. Involved parties must come up with solutions together, but do they already have a clear picture of the complexity of the problem? RE:PEAT offers the insight. Soil subsidence in peat meadows is a […]

Visually track flow direction

You can visually check the amount of water and flow direction per timeframe in hydrological constructions such as culverts. In this test case example you can see a weir in the middle of a waterway. The orange dot is an inlet which pumps water into the water. When after a while the inlet pumps water […]

Student use case: 3D information on provincial issues

For this thesis two students have been investigating the added value of 3D information within provincial issues. One of the executed projects was about climate adaptation, in which the Tygron Engine was used. By: Stan Keukens & Tycho Levels Education: Geo Media & Design at the HAS University of Applied Sciences in ‘s-Hertogenbosch. Comissioned by: […]

A lesson in climate adaptation for municipalities

With ‘stress test in one day’, Aveco de Bondt, in cooperation with water board Zuiderzeeland municipalities, offers a powerful lesson in climate adaptation. The Tygron Platform plays an important supporting role. Lelystad and Zeewolde are the two municipalities where employees have already completed the ‘crash course’. What does a one-day stress test like this look […]

Groningen and Tauw together for a climate-proof municipality

The Municipality of Groningen has already carried out the stress tests as part of the Delta Programme Spatial Adaptation (DPRA) and asked Tauw for support for the next steps, namely risk dialogue and implementation. Senior Climate Adaptation Advisor from Tauw, Monique de Groot explains how she approaches her work: “Our method is to first conduct […]

The vision of the municipality of The Hague

The Tygron Platform makes it possible for the initiator, stakeholders and competent authority to, with a single click on the map, gain insight into what can and cannot be done at a certain location and what rules apply. All relevant information comes from public sources (e.g. PDKO) or can be added by a consultancy firm […]

Utrecht and Tygron together strong for energy transition

The Province of Utrecht will introduce the so-called energy dashboard on 1 June 2020. With this, the province wants to make the energy transition simpler and more transparent for all stakeholders in the region. Therefore, on behalf of the Energy Team and GIS team of the Province of Utrecht, Tygron has developed the Tygron Energy […]

The Economic Value of Natural Capital

Nature is not only essential for the welfare of humans and animals, it also represents great economic value. We are therefore working on a new measure of the value of so-called natural capital. Project: Natural Capital and Ecosystem Services in Tygron Customer: RIVM The natural capital consists of services and supplies provided by nature. Think […]

Simulate flooding using big data and smart algorithms

An example of Water Board Vechtstromen Suppose a levee threatens to fail. Can I simulate the situation within 1 hour and determine the possible consequences? Water Board Vechtstromen has developed a method to quickly and comprehensively simulate flood scenarios and share the results with the Safety Region. Read below about this project. Crisis management Early […]

The Virtual River Game makes complex models clear to all stakeholders

Researcher Robert-Jan den Haan of the University of Twente developed the Virtual River Game, a physical game board to control models and the Tygron Geodesign platform. He describes this unique project below. Within the RiverCare research program, co-funded by NWO and industrial partners including Tygron, we have been looking for ways to make models accessible […]

Water module: time sequence

This video gives a demonstration on how to define dynamic time sequences. As a demonstration, a few simple files are loaded in to vary rainfall and evaporation over time, as well as the height of a breach and the configuration of a hydraulic structure. Project to follow along: Demo Breach  Topics: 2:37  How can […]

Overlay result analysis

This video gives an overview of the tools available to analyse the results of calculated grid overlays in the Tygron Platform. Options include showing the overlay directly, analyzing them in-depth using the measurement tool, and exporting their data. Project to follow along: Demo Rainfall  Topics: 0:45  How are calculation results of an Overlay structured? 1:23  How […]

GIS and Geodesign

 Presented by Maxim Knepflé At the 2020 EDU-event, Maxim Knepflé presented the new features in GIS and Geodesign. Documentation: https://support.tygron.com/wiki/How_to_access_your_project%27s_WFS_in_QGIS https://support.tygron.com/wiki/How_to_edit_your_project_data_via_WFS

Including Tygron in online curriculum

 Presented by Karin Wilterdink, Aeres hogeschool At the 2020 EDU-event, Karin Wilterdink (Aeres) shares lessons learned on using Tygron in online teaching methods. Documentation: https://support.tygron.com/wiki/Climategame

Translating science to policy with the Tygron Platform

 Presented by Henk van Hardeveld from Waternet At the 2020 EDU-event, Henk van Hardeveld (Waternet) shares his experiences with guiding students, about his own PhD research in which Tygron played an important role and about the added value of Tygron for the water field. Further reading: https://www.tygron.com/nl/2018/11/12/de-strijd-tegen-de-dalende-bodem-repeat/

AHN3 standard for Dutch projects

AHN3 has recently become available nationwide. That is why the AHN3 is now loaded by default for your projects in the Tygron Platform. Ducumentation: https://support.tygron.com/wiki/Terrain_height#DTM_for_projects_in_The_Netherlands

Student use case: Leiden University students for a greener Hoefkade

The Hoefkade neighbourhood in the Hague, like many urban areas in the times of climate change is facing the problem of overheating and flooding. On behalf of the Municipality of the Hague, students of Leiden University have used the Tygron Platform to investigate how the incorporation of greenery and climate adaptation measures could decrease the […]

Maintenance OSM Servers (Updated)

(Update) The maintenance of the OSM servers is completed and osm data is available again for your projects as usual. On Thursday March 19th, we will perform maintenance on our OSM-server. This means that loading new projects outside the Netherlands will temporarily lead to incomplete projects, we advise you to postpone this until the maintenance […]

Tygron EDU Event Webinar 2020

Due to the worldwide outbreak of the Coronavirus and the subsequent disruption of normal life, we have decided to change the upcoming Tygron EDU Event to an online webinar, open to everyone! Broadcast has ended   Date: Thursday April 9, 2020 Time: 13:00 – 15:00 Location: Anywhere you like! (as long you got access to […]

Import Urban plans

Import plans for urban development and assess the impact on all relevant aspects. Assess whether the plan meets the applicable (local) regulations. Documentation: https://support.tygron.com/wiki/Measures  

Traffic models

Import your own traffic models and use these to calculate the impact of plans on traffic and the resulting environmental changes. Documentation: https://support.tygron.com/wiki/Traffic_Model

Assess air pollution

Gain insight in the current air pollution, explore the impact of plans or investigate scenario’s to reduce air pollution. Documentation: https://support.tygron.com/wiki/Traffic_NO2(Overlay) https://support.tygron.com/wiki/Traffic_NO2_(Indicator)

Assess noise pollution

Gain insight in the current noise pollution, explore the impact of plans or investigate scenario’s to reduce noise. Documentation: https://support.tygron.com/wiki/Traffic_Noise_(Overlay) https://support.tygron.com/wiki/Traffic_Noise_(Indicator)

Assess environmental impact

Assess the environmental impact of plans. Gain insight in noise and air pollution and traffic. Explore the impact of alternatives. Documentation: https://support.tygron.com/wiki/Indicators  

Create video

Make a video of your 3D project to share with colleagues, decision makers or stakeholders. Documentation: https://support.tygron.com/wiki/Video https://support.tygron.com/wiki/Cinematic

Make screenshots

Make screenshots of your Tygron project to share in presenations or reports. Documentation: https://support.tygron.com/wiki/Screenshot

Create a StoryMap

Create an ArcGIS StoryMap with live calculated results (maps) from the Tygron Platform. Documentation: https://previewsupport.tygron.com/wiki/WMS

Assess solar panel options

Assess possible locations for solar fields: which relevant options and regulations are there? Documentation: https://support.tygron.com/wiki/Tygron_Query_Language#Constructions https://support.tygron.com/wiki/Functions https://previewsupport.tygron.com/wiki/Sun_angle https://support.tygron.com/wiki/Network

User management

Enable colleagues and stakeholders to contribute to your projects anytime, anywhere and on any device. Documentation: https://support.tygron.com/wiki/Account_management#Domain

Data Overview

A complete overview of all relevant available data, easily accessible in a Tygron Project. Combine open data sources with your own data. Documentation: https://previewsupport.tygron.com/wiki/WFS https://previewsupport.tygron.com/wiki/Project_Sources

Tygron joins the Esri Partner Network as Silver Partner

For the original version of the press release (in Dutch), see: https://www.esri.nl/nl-nl/nieuws/2020/tygron-partner The Dutch Esri Partner Network is expanding with Tygron as Silver Partner. The collaboration between Tygron and Esri Nederland facilitates governments, engineers, planners and designers in straightforward cooperation and inproviding better solutions to complex spatial tasks. The impact on space is an increasing […]

Discussing the impact of subsidence

Gain insight the impact of subsidence, for instance on agriculture (crops), buildings (damage) and safety using the Subsidence Overlay. Documentation: https://support.tygron.com/wiki/Subsidence_calculation


Display the hazard and impact of (heavy) rainfall over a project area. Based on the elevation model, terrain roughness and representations of the sewer and water systems, several result types – such as the amount of water and the direction and speed of flow – can be generated. Documentation: https://support.tygron.com/wiki/Rainfall_(Overlay)

Water Quality assessment in Sweden

In Dunkern, Sweden, inhabitants of the eco-village Flen wished to have more insight in the water quality in their surroundings. They combined the data in the Tygron Platform with their own measured data. Documentation: https://support.tygron.com/wiki/Substance_flow_model_(Water_Overlay) https://support.tygron.com/wiki/Ground_Truth_2.0

Import 3D CAD models

Easily import a 3D CAD model into your project using ArcGIS Pro or FME. Documentation: https://previewsupport.tygron.com/wiki/How_to_create_a_SLPK_file

Exploring the spatial impact of energy transition

Explore different scenario’s towards your energy transition goals. Assess the spatial impact, including aspects such as safety, lines of sight, noise and shade. This video was made by our partner Tauw. Read more: https://www.tauw.nl/actueel/nieuws/partnership-tauw-en-tygron-voor-ruimtelijke-inrichtingsprojecten.html

Tygron Platform on mobile devices

Create a 2D viewer for easily sharing calculation results (maps) anywhere and on any device such as a tablet and smartphone. Documentation: https://support.tygron.com/wiki/Web_Interface

Realistic 3D digital twin

Create a realistic, dynamic and interactive 3D Digital Twin and share with colleagues, stakeholders customers and other users. Documentation: https://previewsupport.tygron.com/wiki/3D_World

Use JavaScript, HTML and CSS for customization

Use JavaScript, HTML and CSS to customize (KPI) panels into realtime dashboards with for example custom graphs. Documentation: https://support.tygron.com/wiki/HTML https://community.tygron.com/forum/discussion/comment/432#Comment_432 https://www.tygron.com/nl/2020/02/04/utrecht-en-tygron-samen-sterk-voor-energietransitie/

Key Performance Indicators

Define your own performance criteria and add them to your projects using the Indicator functionality in the Tygron Platform. Documentation: https://support.tygron.com/wiki/Indicators

Version control

Manage your projects and make sure the right users have access to the correct version of your project. Reproduce earlier versions of your project. Documentation: https://support.tygron.com/wiki/Account_management

Urban Heat Stress

In this use case for St. Andries, a neighbourhoud in Antwerp (Belgium), the impact of urban plans on heat stress was assessed. The analysis was enriched with data measured by citizens. The aim was to determine and create ‘cool spots’ for vulnerable citizens in the neighbourhood. Documentation: https://previewsupport.tygron.com/wiki/DPRA_Heat_Module https://support.tygron.com/wiki/Ground_Truth_2.0

Surface Drought

Gain insight in the drought situation. Documentation: https://support.tygron.com/wiki/Groundwater_(Overlay)

Breach growth

Simulate flooding scenario’s, incorporating the breach growth formula (Verheij-vd Knaap) Documentation: https://support.tygron.com/wiki/Breach_(Water_Overlay) https://support.tygron.com/wiki/Breach_growth_formula_(Water_Overlay) https://support.tygron.com/wiki/Demo_breach_growth

Vulnerable buildings

Assess potential damage and vulnerable areas for different flooding scenarios. Gain insight in which buildings will flood, when, and with which impact.    

Cascading effects

Simulate cascading effects: the impact of flooding on the electricity network. This demo simulates four hours of flooding. Te pop-ups demonstrate the moment the electricity fails. Documentation: https://support.tygron.com/wiki/Network

River flood simulation

Simulate a river flooding scenario. Analyse flow velocity and water depth at different locations. Documentation: https://previewsupport.tygron.com/wiki/Surface_model_(Water_Overlay)

Dam Break

A dam break study on 1×1 meter grid cel resolution. Flood simulation by crunching big data with our GPU supercomputer, resulting in rapid and detailed calculations. Gain insight in potential damage, vulnarable buildings, evacuation times and routes. Documentation: https://previewsupport.tygron.com/wiki/Flooding_(Overlay)


Determine and adjust the capacity of sewers and the location of sewer overflows in your project area. Documentation: https://support.tygron.com/wiki/Sewer_model_(Water_Overlay)


Determine the kinds of showers (length, impact, pattern) you want to assess by using the rainfall wizard. Documentation: https://support.tygron.com/wiki/Rainfall_(Overlay)


Analyse your calculation results intuitively using the measuring tool. Export and compare the results. Documentation: https://support.tygron.com/wiki/Measuring_tool  

Load DEM’s

You can use your own height model for simulations and calculations. Documentation: https://support.tygron.com/wiki/Geo_Data_tutorial#Changing_a_DEM

Import and Export of Data

Easily import your own data on the water system such as all hydraulic constructions using the Geodata wizard. Export your calculation results as GeoTIFF. Documentation: https://support.tygron.com/wiki/Geo_Data#Import_Geo_data

Water Features compilation

A compilation of different aspects and applications of the Tygron water module such as flooding, breach growth, flow velocity, adding your own DTM and water system analysis. Documentation: https://support.tygron.com/wiki/Water_Module


The Tygron Water Module is benchmarked using multiple test situations and renowned international standards, such as the UK benchmarks for flooding. Documentation: https://support.tygron.com/wiki/Water_module_benchmarks

The Water Module

The Water Module in the Tygron Platform enables users to simulate the movement of (liquid) water and its impact in a project area. The Water Module is primarily created for the analysis of spatial water problems in urban and rural areas. These include heavy rainfall scenarios, flooding and evacuation situations and groundwater and water management […]

Groundwater overlay

The Groundwater overlay in the Tygron Water Module performs highly detailed groundwater calculations, fully integrated with the water system. Use available data or add your own. Documentation: https://support.tygron.com/wiki/Groundwater_(Overlay) https://previewsupport.tygron.com/wiki/Underground_model_(Water_Overlay) https://previewsupport.tygron.com/wiki/Evaporation_model_(Water_Overlay) https://previewsupport.tygron.com/wiki/Rain_model_(Water_Overlay) https://previewsupport.tygron.com/wiki/Evaporation_model_(Water_Overlay) https://previewsupport.tygron.com/wiki/Storage_model_(Water_Overlay)

Analyse Shade

Analyse shade and as well as the impact of urban plans of shade on different hours of the day, and different days of the year. Documentation: https://previewsupport.tygron.com/wiki/Sun_angle https://previewsupport.tygron.com/wiki/Shade_calculation_model_(Heat_Overlay)

DPRA Heat module

The Tygron Heat Stress Module is based on the Dutch national standards for stress testing. It gives insight in the perceived temperature (PET) as well as in how it can be influenced. Documentation: https://previewsupport.tygron.com/wiki/DPRA_Heat_Module

Sketchup model import

Easily import a Sketch-up model into your project, e.g. from a database such as 3D warehouse, using ArcGIS Pro or FME. Documentation: https://previewsupport.tygron.com/wiki/How_to_create_a_SLPK_file

Use available detailed 3D city model data

Use available I3S 3D city model data to build a new project on the Tygron Platform instead of our custom models. Documentation: https://previewsupport.tygron.com/wiki/How_to_import_i3s_scene_layer_in_new_project

Import 3D models in SLPK format

Drag and Drop 3D Geo data: Import detailed 3D models, including textures, directly into the Tygron Platform. Documentation: https://previewsupport.tygron.com/wiki/How_to_create_a_SLPK_file

Parametric Design

Use parametric design to create future scenarios for urban as well as rural planning and gain insight in the impact. Documentation: https://previewsupport.tygron.com/wiki/Parametric_design

Interactive design

Create a future design by drawing a scenario in the 3D worlds. The Tygron Platform offers several options for drawing tools. Documentation: https://previewsupport.tygron.com/wiki/Actions

WFS: Edit your data externally

The Tygron Platform offers a large amount of geographical data, which can be accessed with a GIS via a WFS. Updating the geometry including attributes are communicated in real time between the Tygron Platform and other GIS applications. https://community.tygron.com/forum/discussion/224/how-to-add-a-tygron-platform-wfs-in-arcgis/p1 Documentation: https://previewsupport.tygron.com/wiki/WFS

Temporary longer loading times for new projects

Dear Tygron user, Due to an issue with Ruimtelijkeplannen.nl, the loading times for creating a new project can take longer than expected and will likely result in that specific data will not be loaded at all. We suggest you to turn off zoning plans in the advanced options of the new projects menu in case […]

Update to PDOK services currently unavailable

Update: PDOK reported that problems with accessing their services have been solved. This morning (December 12th) PDOK reported that almost all PDOK services are currently unavailable and that they are investigating and correcting the problems. Our services seem to be working as expected. However, if you experience any errors in creating new projects, contact us […]

External maintenance

This morning (December 5th)  you may have encountered problems reaching the Tygron Servers. This is due to maintenance at an external host. At this moment all our servers are available again, we will keep you informed on any changes.

Server Maintenance

Friday September 27th, 17:00 CET we will perform maintenance on part of our servers. This means that the Tygron website, forum and support wiki will be temporarily out of service. Also, it will temporarily not be possible to configure new projects. You will however be able to use all your existing projects on both LTS […]

New Indicators on the Index

We have added new indicators on the Index (indicator library, for downloading indicators to use in your own project). Check out store.tygron.com and let us know what you think!  

Wiki temporarily unavailable

Due to external maintenance our support wiki is temporarily unavailable. The problem is currently being worked on. Please contact support@tygron.com in case of questions.

Planned adjustments PDOK

In the weekend of March 9 – 11 there are some adjustments planned at PDOK, as announced on https://www.pdok.nl/-/nieuwe-url-namen-op-pdok-nl Please note this may influence configuring new projects on the Tygron Platform during that timeframe and shortly afterwards.

Planned maintenance PDOK

In the weekend of February 22 – 24 there is a planned maintenance at PDOK, as announced on https://www.pdok.nl/meldingen. Please note this may influence configuring new projects on the Tygron Platform during that timeframe.

Maintenance and plans for next year

Herewith we would like to inform you about the planned maintenance of our software at the start of 2019, and about the developments of the Tygron Platform in the near future. Regular maintenance On Thursday the 3rd of January 2019 maintenance of the Tygron servers will start around 9 AM. Because of this, our servers […]

Planned maintenance PDOK

On December 4th from 19:00 to 23:00 (GMT+1) there is planned maintenance at PDOK, as announced on https://www.pdok.nl/meldingen. Please note this may influence configuring new projects on the Tygron Platform during that timeframe.

Geo Data

In this tutorial, you will learn the different ways to import different type of data in your project.


In this tutorial you will learn how to add and configure the basic types of panels.

Update PDOK and BGT

The situation with the loading of new projects has been improved for this moment. It is possible again to load complete projects, but given the developments at PDOK this may not be a stable situation yet. We will keep you informed of further developments.

FGR data available again

We have updated the Tygron Platform which resolves the connection issues to the FGR database, meaning the terrain (underground) type will be included in new projects again.

Single sign-on for Community Hub

We have introduced ‘single sign-on’ for all parts of our Community Hub. This means that starting now you can log on to the Tygron Freshdesk helpdesk using your Tygron Platform login. More information can be found in the upcoming email on Friday September 7.

FGR data temporarily not available

The Tygron Platform is currently experiencing issues connecting to the FGR data base due to an update of this database. As a result the data that is used to determine the terrain (underground) type is not loaded into new created projects. It is possible to create a new project, even though it will be missing […]


In this tutorial you will learn how to implement Actions in the…

BGT temporarily less available

We have been informed that due to a malfunction at one of our data-providers, the BGT data-source is experiencing issues. This may effect the creation of new projects. For the time being, please double-check your project is generated in good-order when creating a new project. For more information, please contact support@tygron.com.

Larger maps available with new licenses

We have added new plus licenses which allow for the creation of larger maps up to 10 km x 10 km. Upgrading from your existing license to a plus license is free. For more infomation on how to activate this upgrade, please visit support.tygron.com/wiki/Account_management, under the heading Upgrading a License to a +License.

AHN issues resolved

We have updated the Tygron Engine to resolve the AHN issues, meaning it is now again possible to create new projects. Should you still run into issues, please contact support@tygron.com.

AHN connection instability

The Tygron Engine is currently experiencing issues connecting to the AHN3 data source. This may intermittently cause new projects to be created without constructions. We are working on resolving this issue, and aim to release a fix this week. We apologize for the inconvenience. For any questions, please contact support@tygron.com.

Engine unaffected by Meltdown and Spectre

We would like to assure all our users that the Tygron Engine is not vulnerable to the Meltdown or Spectre vulnerabilities. However, your computer may have had or require an update of your graphical drivers, after which you may experience issues when starting the Tygron Engine. If you experience this, restarting your computer and trying […]