The benefits of green in an integral perspective

“Green contributes to improving quality of life, health, climate adaptation, climate mitigation and biodiversity,” said Ton de Nijs of RIVM in an interview for the Dutch Atlas of Natural Capital.
Together with RIVM, Tygron makes it possible to also provide insight into these benefits of greenery, and to include them directly when considering alternatives for the design of a neighborhood.”

The Green Benefit Planner developed by RIVM is linked to the Tygron Geodesign Platform via the API, using open standards. The first version of the link will be used to explore a climate-proof design for a neighborhood in Amersfoort. The impact of measures such as greening roofs or schoolyards, planting trees or constructing water-permeable parking spaces is made visible in terms of the green benefits. But the impact on the perceived temperature, flooding and what this does to the space for parking spaces also become clear. The aim is that these insights will support conversations with residents about the design of their neighborhood. For a sneak preview in this project, see:

A scenario can be loaded or drawn into Tygron’s 3D interface, and this can be calculated directly by the Green Benefit Planner of the RIVM. The planner immediately sends back the results and they become visible in Tygron. The Tygron Geodesign Platform also directly calculates the impact of the scenario on other relevant aspects such as heat stress, flooding and parking space. This supports making an integral assessment.

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