Minor Tygron LTS Server Release juli 2021

On Friday July 2nd 2021 some additional functionalities will be released on the Tygron LTS Server 2021. In this blog, you will find practical information about the preparation of this release.

See what’s coming on the Tygron Preview Server

In order to take a look at what’s coming, you can use the Preview Server 2021 which already gives access tot the improved funcionalities. You can download the Preview Application yourself. You can use your existing LTS Server login for the Preview Server. Also. we have described the improved functionality on the Preview Support Wiki.

Servers maintenance

On July 2nd 2021, there will be maintenance on the Servers in connection with the release. This is done outside office hours to limit the inconvenience as much as possible. Please note these activities might be delayed to the weekend. Do you have important work with the Tygron Platform planned for July 2nd and/or in the weekend? Let us know at info@tygron.com and take this into account in your planning.

Improved functionalities

The main improved functionalities are:

User interface water

  • Improved feedback on water works, by over a hundred automatic checks in the Water Wizard;
  • The possibility to automatically correct and update large amounts of water works in your data;
  • New visualisation of interaction between water level areas in the water system;
  • New visualisation of water levels around water works;
  • The terminology in the water wizard is now more consistent.

Other features

  • CityJSON/CityGML is now supported, making it possible to work with the 3D BAG, that was launched last month by Delft University of Technology.
  • The possibility to use AHN4, where available,, for building your projects. You can find detailed information on these and more developments on our website: See the New Functionalities We hope you enjoy using the improved Tygron LTS Server 2021!