Speak to a Tygron expert

Would you like to explore, together with a Tygron expert, what a Digital Twin can mean for your organization? In half an hour you can discuss all (im) possibilities without obligation.

Depending on your area of interest, you can choose to have an interview with:


Ir. Godelief Abilakh Missier,
Geo-ICT expert 

For: Geo experts

Expert in the field of:

  • Urban plans
  • Calculation models (traffic, nitrogen and Aerius)
  • BIM and GIS
  • Geo-information

Ir. Florian Witsenburg CEO

Expert in use cases with the following themes:

  • Water and climate adaption
  • Smart Cities and big data
  • Participation and serious gaming
  • Education

Dr. Ir. Hedi van Dijk-Poot, COO. 

Expert in policy and environmental law. Expert for use cases with the following themes:

  • Environmental Act and Environmental Vision
  • Process and project management
  • Spatial integration of the energy transition
  • Planning with Digital Twins


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